Win Two Stylish ONA Camera Bags Worth $388

We just gave away a Tamron lens, but now we’re back again with another awesome giveaway. This week we’re giving away two beautiful camera bags by ONA that’ll let you carry your cameras in style. One lucky winner will win both a Brixton camera + laptop messenger bag worth $269 and a Bowery camera bag worth $119 — a total value of $388.

This giveaway will be done through the same Facebook app as the last one. Here’s how to enter:

#1: Make Sure You’re a Fan

This giveaway is open to fans of our Facebook page. If you aren’t one, simply click “Like” below:

#2: Enter the Giveaway

Visit the contest page on Facebook or use the form below (reload this page if you had to do Step #1). We’re asking that you enter your email address so that we can contact you if you win. The email won’t be used for any other purpose:

#3 (Optional): Share for More Entries!

Once you enter the contest, you’ll be given a special link to it. Every time someone enters the contest through your special link, you’ll be given another two additional entries and a better chance to win the bags!

Rules & Details

This contest will end on Monday, August 6th, 2012, and a winner will be selected randomly from all the entries.

The giveaway is open to readers outside the US as well, but you will be asked to pay for taxes and shipping costs if you win.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

A big thanks to ONA for providing the prizes for this giveaway!

  • Sam Whited

    I’d love to enter, but I’m not willing to sign-up for Facebook just for this. Any chance you could do something with Google+ or Twitter?

  • Michael Zhang

    Ahh, sorry about that Sam :(

    We used to run all our giveaways through Twitter. We just recently started trying Facebook. Not sure whether we’ll expand or switch again later on…

  • Iris Rodriguez

    then I’d only need the Leicas

  • Dennis

    Same with me…

  • Sarah

    Yeah, I have to agree that this is, once again, really crap that you have to be a Facebook fan. A growing number of people are getting rid of their Facebook accounts for very valid reasons and you’re penalizing them. If you’re going to advertise your contest on Twitter, make it available to your Twitter followers. Simple.

  • si_tibi_placet

    I use facebook, but I don’t use any of the apps because they are intrusive. Too bad for me.

  • Felipe Carrasco Guzmán

    es mi sueño tener un One Bag, pero vivo en chile! es lejisimo y me costaría un dineral poder obtener uno de estos, son dos? solo con uno me conformo por favor!!! si es que alguien logra entender esto, thanks! :)

  • Violeta Ivanova

    Same here with Facebook. What about using Google+ as an alternative? It’s flooded with photographers and many would be interested.

  • Bill

    Facebook users have nothing better to do with their lives. Run the contest here on your own site. Using Facebook only promotes facebook. Their stock is falling, let it fall and go the way of “MySpace”.

  • Checkmate

    Penalizing? It’s not your absolute constitutional right to join a contest. Grow up. If you don’t like it, don’t do it. Get it?

  • Guy

    I don’t do FB….

  • Shivani

    If a non-US winner wins, would you ship it to a US address rather than sending it to them overseas?

  • 9inchnail

    Don’t you see that they are not doing this out of charity and brotherly love. They want new followers. They want people to share the link with all their friends who then will visit the site. Mo’ peeps, mo’ clicks, mo’ money, fool.

  • Simon wardenier

    Those bags look great, I’m keeping my fingers crossed here…

  • Mike Panic

    For everyone complaining about FB, keep complaining. The reality is that there is no good API for running contests on Google+ or Twitter, and running the contest here also has a few problems.

    The main reason it’s done through FB (my best educated guess) is that it has the biggest reach of potential people, and it’s the easiest to make go viral. Google+ is still somewhat of a redheaded step-child (sorry redheads & step-children!) in the social media world. It’d be like PetaPixel giving away lenses for Pentax or Minolta DSLR’s (sorry Pentax & Minolta users!) – there just aren’t as many as Canon or Nikon.

  • dhenderl

    These bags are awesome. Great choice for a giveaway!

  • Charles Unitas

    Boohoo, I don’t drive so why do you have to sell cars at dealerships? Boohoo, I don’t swim so why do you have to promote island vacation packages? Boohoo, I don’t eat meat so why do you have to sell burgers at fast food restaurants? Boohoo, why me? Really people, is there anything else you want to whine about?

  • Katren

    Personally…if you’re a photographer and don’t have a facebook page, then that’s just ridiculous. You should have one for your business. Period. And I LOVE the giveaways via facebook, etc. Much better than the twitter (which I also have btw as a photographer); and easier to enter.

    Join, or fall behind on the times.