Instagram Filters for Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom

Instagram Photoshop Aperture Lightroom

Photographer Casey McCallister reverse engineered Instagram’s filters, turning them into actions and presets for Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom that allow you to retro-fy your photos with one click. The download packs include all 17 Instagram filters and are “latte-priced” at $5.

Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom Presets [Casey Mac Photo]

  • Elliot


  • John Branch

    I wonder how many sales this will get. No doubt there are people with more money than they ought to have, who spend some of it on Photoshop (prob the priciest general-purpose photo-processing software around), and who don’t know how or when to use its tools. They may think Instagram filters are just great. I won’t be paying any attention to their work if I can help it.

  • jan

    Great! Now my pictures can look as crappy as everyone else, I can finally fit in…

  • Casey McCallister

    I’m the author of these presets. Thank you for sharing! I understand the controversy surrounding Instagram and other one-click “fixes.” Personally, I’m not a fan either, but I’ve had several clients looking for “the Instagram look,” and after creating it time after time it seemed easier to just make the presets. The editing style is not my personal choice, but it keeps the customer happy.

  • Neoracer Xox

    You could take a picture of dogshit, instagram it and it will look purposeful and meaningful…OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!!

    I effin hate it nice tho

  • Philip Han

    Hearing this makes me happy, I’m surrounded by people who demand this look over quality pictures. They’ll regret it down the line when they look back and see how over-processed the shots look and when it goes out of style.

    I enjoy the look, but I don’t apply it nearly as heavily. HDR processing has to look natural, as well as any other “filter” in my mind.

  • Greg

    this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. The Lightroom version works great! Saves so much time and aggravation. Thanks!

  • mko

    That’s one expensive latte

  • Roy

    Didn’t we use to just have a coffee before everyone and their aunt for some inexplicable reason started calling it “lah-tay”? Is this some sort of requirement to run with the cool crowd?

  • Colby

    Hahaha, I opened this comment thread just to see how snooty all “the pros” get at the very mention of instagram. I was not disappointed.

  • 9inchnail

    Thank God, finally. The time, that’s gonna save me. No more ruining photos manually, now I can finally automate the crappyfication. Awesome.

  • Steven Quinn

    Are you hating because you didn’t think of it before he did.

  • Ansel

    I’m also here to see self-righteous nobody photographers get angry at the mention of Instagram.

  • teamdave™

    oh no!