Bizarre Portraits of People Poking Their Heads Underwater

Fish Heads is a strange series of portraits by Los Angeles-based photographer Tim Tadder featuring subjects plunging their faces under the surface of water with wild expressions on their faces. The final photos are rotating, giving viewers a disorienting perspective.

You can find more of these portraits over on Behance.

Fish Heads by Tim Tadder (via Ufunk)

Image credits: Photographs by Tim Tadder

  • photoshark

    dangit…i had this idea forever ago. but i hadnt shot it yet.

  • rtfe



    Looks freaky! But love the faces

  • Zta ッ

    I like it. I’m curious about the gear and setup used.

  • photoshark


  • Mike


  • Ed

    I did exactly this for my degree show in 2001!

    look good though.

  • DevourCatering

    That was cool.