Facebook Takes a Page From Google+’s Book, Unveils Mosaic View for Photos

Ever since Google+ was launched in June 2011, users have gushed over the beautiful mosaic view for photos uploaded to the service. Earlier this year Flickr redesigned its photo pages with a similar design, and today Facebook has followed suit. Photo pages on Facebook are being upgraded with larger photos and the same mosaic view that’s becoming so popular around the web. Users can also click specific photos to “highlight” them, or give them a larger piece of real estate on the page. The redesign is just starting to roll out, so you should see it live on your page soon.

(via Facebook via The Verge)

  • John

    Now if they could only create a photo uploader without so much compression, that way the photos will actually look good!

  • uberboxer

    I agree with John. But they also need to protect images from unwanted downloading and right-click protection. Ridiculous that they don’t already do this. Flicker is way better at protecting photos.

  • checkmate

    That girl is looking pretty cute

  • IshotItphotography ByKathryn

    I agree. FB has poor image quality and no image protection. Not good.

  • Kz

    There is no way to “protect” images – what has been seen can’t be unseen, in worst case there is “print screen”.


    Who is Mike Matas?