40MP Shootout: Nokia 808 PureView vs Pentax 645D

Nokia’s 808 PureView phone packs a hefty 41-megapixel sensor, but how do its megapixels compare to a “real” 40+ megapixel camera photo? Spanish website Quesabesde decided to find out by putting the phone head-to-head with the 40MP Pentax 645D medium format DSLR. They shot the same scenes with both cameras, and blew them up to examine the quality. The article is in Spanish, but a little Google Translate magic does the trick.

Nokia 808 and Pentax 645D PureView: 40 megapixel face to face (via TOP)

  • Zak Henry

    Unfortunately an apples to apples comparison isn’t made. The Nokia clearly looks worse, but noone really expected otherwise. The problem I have with the test is that they aren’t even close to being the same focal length, so you can’t compare what detail is retained in the Nokia 100% crop by looking at elements of the scene.

    From what can be seen, I’m actually impressed that the Nokia isn’t completely smeary at that 100% crop – plenty of detail is retained, more than enough for most monitors. A little levels tweaking and you would have a half decent image, from a cellphone.

  • Mansgame

    Hehe not even close.

  • Mansgame

    I don’t think there is any sort of apples to apples test where the Nokia would even be in the same ball park as the medium format.

  • branden rio

    Haha, good article, I like it.

  • will hall

    If you look at the perspective in some of the pictures, and the alignment of features, its clear that the images went even taken in the same place let alone the same FL. This could be so interesting but the execution is as though the writer uses a pureview, and managed to get their hands on the pentax, rather than someone who uses a pentax and managed to get their hands on a pureview

  • Jake

    What I want to know is how does the Nokia 808 stack up against another point and shoot with the same size sensor? Obviously, sensor size makes more of a difference than megapixels, but with a sensor that small, how much better is a 40mp camera vs. the more typical 10-18mp that you’d see on a comparable camera? Or is 40mp too much, as some would argue?

  • Spider- Man

    ERRR MER GERRD!!! CeRR Phern not as gerd?!?!?

  • Jack

    Because an ‘apples to apples’ test was the aim here – to help people make the difficult decision between MF digital and a cell phone.

    Next week: guy who compares his Datsun to the space shuttle chided online for not turning off the AM radio before the test.

  • Mohawk

    Stupid Article. You could do comparisons between similar phones and digital cameras all day long. yeah, like the phone will have a camera sensor like the digital cameras / DSLRs. waste of time.

  • Zak Henry

    I don’t think anyone here believes that the cell phone would ever hold up against a medium format sensor, however it also isn’t unreasonable to ask for a fair test in a “Nokia 808 PureView vs Pentax 645D” post. I’m interested in the technology of the Nokia, and would like a direct, fair comparison with a sensor that captures a similar quantity of information, so I can get a feel for the quality of that information.

  • krishna

    I think Nokia is best

  • Matutiten

    People, try to understand the real purpose of this article!! The idea is obviously to show (in a practical way) to people who know little about photography, that after all, the MP does not define the image quality of a camera. Nothing else.

  • Wishmaster

    I think that he should have done all the shots with a tripod… Using a tripod with Pentax and using only hands with Nokia 808 shows that he was afraid of the final result…

  • shibu

    I ve seen lot of websites comparing photos of this phone to dslr not with other phones. must be a good one!!!