Fuji Discontinues X100, Possibly Bringing X200 Follow Up to Photokina

Now that July is just about over with, only one month and a few weeks separate us from the start of Photokina on September 18th. And as the wait becomes progressively shorter, speculation about who may be announcing what is gradually ramping up. The most recent batch of speculation has to do with Fuji and the fact that the X100 is now showing up as discontinued on Crutchfield, as well as $200 off at both Amazon and B&H.

The X100 was introduced at the last Photokina in 2010 and, according to Photo Rumors, the fact that Fuji has discontinued the X100 less than two months from the 2012 show points to the possible debut of a follow up camera, the X200. There’s not much to do but speculate at this point, but rather than leave it at that we’ll end with a question. If Fuji does, in fact, debut the X200 at Photokina, what improvements over the now-discontinued X100 would you like to see? Let us know in the comments down below.

(via Photo Rumors)

  • Frédéric RIGAUDEAU

    A better AF and a Q menu would be a good start…

  • Calgary Photographer

    Oh momma! Fuji is one company doing exciting things. Let’s hope they keep raising the bar!

  • Elliot

    Full frame sensor!…:)

  • pluton

    28mm equivalent angle of view and I’ll buy.

  • Merry Prankster

    Real manual focus. And a full frame sensor.

  • gerald gonzales

    Please improve: battery life, AF, manual focus ring, and menu system.

    A lens filter /hood system that doesn’t require $100+ accessories would be nice too.

  • Carsten

    What do you want a fullframe sensor for when you have a fixed lens???

  • Phall82

    What does it matter if it’s a fixed lens or not? A full frame sensor would improve the image quality and low light capability whether it’s fixed lens or zoom.

  • Fazal Majid

    A lock on the exposure compensation dial (it keeps getting knocked to -2 in my jacket pocket), a 50mm equivalent lens, and the sensor & UI improvements from the X-Pro1

  • Wombat

    Having had one for a year and now used to the menu not much. I bought a spare battery which solved the biggest problem and the latest firmware solved the rest it is a brilliant camera

  • Bazza

    3rd stop clicks on the lens, tidied up menu, increase in MP. That’s about it awesome camera.

  • moos

    Just ordered one Friday thru Amazon from Beach Camera (no longer listed on their site). Should arrive in a couple days. Will play around with it for a bit, then decide if I want to keep it. There are some things that can be improved (startup and autofocus speed, dedicated ISO btn). I wouldn’t mind a 3x or 4x zoom in place of an ILC, but that’s somewhat out of character for this camera. Don’t care about video. I think a few minor fixes are in order, perhaps an X110 and not an X200.

  • Kirsten

    Full frame sensor, better AF and manual focus ring (better focusing on video), more space around the buttons for holding the camera on one hand, better menu system, better battery life and a lock to the exposure compensation dial. Also I’d love to have 50mm equicalent lens.

  • Terry

    For the street I only need two lenses X100 35mm and X200 would be nice with a 50 or 75mm, thanks Fuji, just my wish………

  • Jack

    It would be awesome if the new one actually focussed on stuff. Like, not only things far away, but things within fourteen nautical miles as well, without having to switch to macro mode.

    I love my x100, but honestly.

  • Tomasz Kulbowski

    No full frame sensor, please! It would make the camera bigger, heavier and more expensive – I don’t want that!

    What I want is:
    – real manual focus
    – improved AF speed
    – improved and simplified menu
    – lower price :)

    The rest is perfect!

  • Redzob

    The same as my current x100, but with a 50mm f1.4 on the front please.

  • Sterno

    incorporate the Q button of the X-Pro and make it customizable-better sensor- improved menu structure, improved manual focus & AF… and looking at the poor QC on the x10- I hope Fuji has learned from their mistakes- this x200 (or what ever its called) can really be an affordable low end Leica’esk. Which I believe the X100 already is- I am sure the Leica brain trust has learned a lesson from x100’s leading Hybrid viewfinder. Last-being they are very good marketers, I would not be surprised if they release a premium black only in the fall for $$premium cost…

  • Yann Toledano CyannImages

    Full frame please!

  • Yann Toledano CyannImages

    It’s time for a full frame fuji.
    I’m still shooting with an S5 pro.
    I refuse to go Nikon.

  • richi

    my x100 is great and I love it, but it can be made better.
    ok here is my wish list:

    – manual focus (split prism like thing in the view finder)
    – the sensor from the X-PRO (APS-C is ok, to keep the size down)
    – the lens: keep the range and the image quality – add stabilization pls!
    – change the wheel + menu button – XPRO style.
    – keep the Auto ISO behavior – customization, but add the auto ISO option among the “regular” ISO values – don’t bury it in a hidden custom menu

  • Mako Koiwai

    WIDER lens … And useable Manual Focus

  • Stivie G

    A battery that lasts longer than 4 hours!

  • E

    I guess the comment was to the fact that the lens can’t be changed (i.e. fixed), not that it is a prime. A fixed lens FF would be a pretty expensive one trick pony.

  • Tenisd

    Just get the X100 + the Fuji official 28mm equivalent adapter ;) it is allready avaible.

  • Joachim2

    I would like addition of
    1) full HD video
    2) intelligent digital zoom fixed to 2X (as in fujifilm X10) for photos.

  • Zach Ishmael

    Doubtful that fuji will ever make a FF version… I would hope for a new autofocus system and the x-pro1 sensor. I think the lens that comes on the x100 is pretty good already. If they were to put on anything faster the camera would probably loose more of it’s compact advantages. Besides at that point you might as well buy the x-pro1 and just leave the 35mm 1.4 on it.

  • Joachim2

    The built-in lens of the X100 is much better than interchangeable lenses. So it should be kept and an intelligent digital zoom fixed to 2X (as in the X10) should be added.

  • Gareth

    There’s only one thing that really matters: picture quality. And that’s fantastic already. All the rest is largely window dressing. I suppose it would be nice to have menu controls for grown-up fingers, and some sort of water/dust sealing.

  • captmard

    Monochrome only, ala Leica.