Five Friends Take the Same Group Photo for 30 Years

Back in 1982, 19-year-old five buddies — John Wardlaw, Mark Rumer, Dallas Burney, John Molony, and John Dickson — went on vacation to Copco Lake in California and snapped a group photo (seen above). Since then, they’ve embarked on the same vacation every 5 years, staying at the same cabin, sitting on the same bench, and snapping the same photo (with identical poses and all). They’re 48-years-old now, and the tradition is still going strong.





The group has an official website for the project here. CNN also has an interesting writeup on how the project came together.

Photographic Memories (via CNN)

Image credits: Photographs courtesy of John Wardlaw

  • Anonymous

    The guy on the left has magically transformed into Dr. House over the years…

  • Anh Vu

    yep :P

  • monkeycheez

    What a cool idea

  • val escobar

    very cool. A cool project would be to be photograph every 5 yrs with your prom date.
    That would sure to provoke some interesting conversation with da spouses.

  • Jake

    The men get older, but the shorts don’t get any longer.

  • miss_sasha

    In fact, the guy in the very middle is wearing the exact same pair of shorts in all but the first photo, and the guy in the far right is wearing the same tshirt in the last 3 pics. It is fascinating to see how they’ve aged differently.

  • StephRand

    I love it! Those guys are just as hot now as they were 30 years ago. Kudos!

  • StephRand

    funny.. and true!

  • Kimani Streetmonk’d Nyoike


  • Struts

    This is awesome. the 1992 pic inspired me to order my husband a duck head shirt just now .

  • Russ Campbell

    Can you say, “Nicholas Nixon”?

  • jackf

    the guy with the glas does not seem to change (much)

  • Dee

    Anyone notice the glass jar changes? Very cool. A tight group of friends. Makes me miss my friends back home I grew up with.

  • Le Sbiti

    bon, on parle du gars à droite qui n’a pas changé de tee-shirt depuis 97 ?

  • hkjhk

    it is missing the picture with them in the coffins

  • Marian Beltran Castro

    this is so cool! =]

  • lauren

    Hilarious! He looks just like him!

  • lisa

    where is the 2007 pic?

  • ModEmotions

    What! They all have shirts now?

  • Andy Richards

    what happened to 1987?

  • Suzanne Mason Haff

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.

  • Brandy Lyn Jordan

    I was thinking the same thing! I had to double check the name to make sure it wasn’t!

  • Timothy Daniel

    It’ll be nice to have an update in 2017. That is, if the background trees doesn’t get them first. They seems to be closing in every year.

  • MisSy

    Isn’t anyone curious as yo what is actually IN the jar???

  • MisSy


  • Kent Magruder

    The most amazing thing is not the photos but they are still friends.

  • Annphibian4

    I see a couple of wedding rings coming and going…

  • bachtiar


  • Лилия

    Это подарок Бога – такая дружба!


    I suppose is a perfectly fine theme

  • Laura Ingalls Gunn

    Love this! My best friend and I have taken a photo together every year for 35 years. But were topped by my husband and his two sisters climbing on their dads back for now close to 50 years. :)

  • Srh

    The guy on the end turned into Hugh Laurie!

  • Antonio Rod

    the guy in the middle has the same shorts for the last three sets of pictures lol

  • BlackHartrmx


  • Tara

    I love that the guy with the most hair is always the guy with the most hair.

  • Kate

    Hmm… noticed they didn’t stay true to the shirts vs. skins

  • fer

    yeah, totally agree…

  • On-Line-Psychic

    They are all gay and Voted for Obama!