An Update on the $300,000 Lawsuit Threat Against a Wedding Photographer

Here’s a quick update by Gary Fong on the wedding photographer who’s being threatened with a $300,000 lawsuit by a client who says that he didn’t like the images. The photographer’s name is Nelson Tang, and we learn that Tang has received a followup letter that appeared at first glance to be a lawsuit, but lacked a necessary court stamp at the bottom. This messy case has going viral online and has everyone shouting “extortion”.

  • Mike Philippens™

    Like I commented in the original article, the more I heard from the letter, the less I believed it was real. It was not real legal wording (even I as a non-legal Dutch person could write a more threatening letter), and sounded amateurish at best. Like it’s written by a 17-year old who watched a Perry Mason episode. I doubt that the guy has a real legal background. It was only childish threads that would impress a real dumb person.

    If I got such a letter, I’d ignore it. My shredder is too good for it.

  • Eric N

    Unfortunately, this entire situation could be handled with a few easy steps and something anyone who shoots weddings or as a business should take. Having a contract and error & omission insurance would keep this situation from spinning out of control and causing more harm to the photogs reputation.

    The problem as I see it is that no matter what, his name will be tarnished with a bunch of photographers standing up for him and pages of google references to a lawsuit. Regardless of the quality of his images, most couples don’t want drama when they hire a photographer for their special day. At the end of the day, even if he (the photographer) wins, this cloud will hand over his head.

    A professional wedding contract can be purchased from several online legal resources for less than $100…that alone would keep this matter out of court and public opinion. Adding business insurance would provide an additional resource just in case…

  • daniel fritzen

    Since this lawyer appears to be bullying the photographer i would suggest Nelson Tang bring this up with the state or bar, the lawyer could get reprimanded.

  • gabe sturdevant

    Judging from the pictures on his Facebook page, unless something really really wrong happened, I bet the wedding photos turned out great and this “lawyer” doesnt appreciate photography.

  • Stacy Walsh Rosenstock

    One more example of why wedding photographers deserve every cent they get. It really does take a very special person produce good wedding pictures. Not only to they have to be technically adept, they need the people skills, temperament and liability insureance to deal with Bridezillas and Groomzillas like this!

  • Karen

    The first thing I would do would be to check with the state bar and confirm the guy is actually an attorney, because I’m skeptical. If he really is then I would report him to the state bar. If not, then he’s holding himself out as one and that’s probably some type of felony. And finally, if a lawsuit is actually filed against the photographer I would immediately counter-sue on several of the items written in the “attorney’s” letter. I have no doubt the photographer will prevail here, this, at least on face, sounds completely ludicrous. The lawyer/client is going to learn a valuable lesson I suspect.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Judging from the first letter, I suspect that the attorney has LDS, and no, I am not referring to Latter Day Saints; He is realizing “OMG! I have to pay this photographer for my wedding pictures to a woman that I’m going to divorce!”
    To the attorney, take my advice, “Go to a doctor and ask for Viagra!”
    Gary Fong flipped the bird to the attorney a few times in the first session. I did the same. If Gary says the photos are awesome and comments on the couples Facebook page say they’re awesome, the judge should dismiss the case and have it (the attorney) disbarred.
    It is deplying extortion and blackmail.

  • Ryan Ibrani The

    now that the lawsuit is confirmed, when can we have the name of this so-called lawyer…

    see It is now public record. The attorney/client of NELSON TANG who threatened to sue him for $300,000 in a jury trial has NOW FILED SUIT. King County, Cause # 12-2-21734-3-SEA. Look up the court files and you will find the name of the plaintiff – it is public record now. I (GARY FONG) have see…

  • KayB

    I’m a middle aged college student majoring in Photography and I’m surprised at the amount of younger students who want to jump into shooting weddings after just a few college photography classes. My college does not teach the business aspects of photography, and just let the graduating students loose in an unkind and greedy world without knowing about releases, contracts, marketing, accounting, legalities. A story like Nelson Tang’s is a harsh reality that every photographer has to think about and serves as a cautionary reminder.

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  • dennis

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