Portraits of Expecting and Empty Nest Parents

© Dona Schwartz

Photographer Dona Schwartz, a professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota, has an interesting pair of photo projects titled “On the Nest” and “Empty Nesters“. The first shows portraits of expecting parents as they prepare to welcome a new member of the family. The second features portraits of parents who are coping with an empty house after their children have grown up and moved out.

© Dona Schwartz

© Dona Schwartz

The first three images showed expecting parents. Here are a couple of photographs of empty nesters:

© Dona Schwartz

© Dona Schwartz

On the Nest and Empty Nesters by Dona Schwartz (via NYTimes)

Image credits: Photographs by Dona Schwartz and used with permission

  • jake

    and she all portrayed them sad cause…?

  • joemama

    The 1st couples naming the kid Signe?!
    The hell?

  • rtfe

    1st law in art photography. never show smiles

  • Silje

    It’s a Norwegian name. I think there are many Norwegian descendants in Minnesota.

  • checkmate

    hmm…that redhead is quite cute

  • brob

    great idea < epically boring shots.