Hasselblad to Unleash a Giant-Sensored Mirrorless Camera?

Some rumblings over in camp Hasselblad: 1001 Noisy Cameras reports that Hasselblad is sending out the following invite for a big product unveiling on September 19th at Photokina:

In 2002 at photokina Hasselblad launched the revolutionary H System that changed and shaped the medium format market of the new millennium. Embraced by professional and amateur photographers around the world, it is still the unsurpassed standard for craftsmanship and ultimate image quality.

In 2012, 10 years later, our commitment to innovation, evolution and expanding to new horizons is as uncompromising as it has always been in the century long history of Hasselblad.

How big might the announcement be? Mirrorless Rumors writes that rumors are swirling of a new Hasselblad mirrorless camera featuring a CMOS sensor that’s double the size of a full frame sensor. Wowzers!

Image credit: Welcome to medium format by 1808 Photography

  • branden rio

    LOL, what an appropriate photo for the article!

  • Sid Ceaser

    When I dream at night, I dream of an affordable digital back for my 500C/M. I know it will never happen, but, please Hasselblad, make my dreams a reality.

  • mko

    And you thought APS-C mirrorless camera was something

  • 9inchnail

    Well, the Canon M is gonna cost about 800 bucks, the Hasselblad is propably going to have an additional zero at the end. It’s Hasselblad, fool. It’s not for you peasants!

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  • Richard Harris