Google Dubs Project Glass Pre-Orderers “Explorers,” Promises Secret Updates

It looks like at least one group of people will be in-the-know regarding Google’s Project Glass, a group that has been dubbed “Glass Explorers” by the company’s co-founder Sergey Brin. The group is made up of all the pre-orderers from Google’s I/O event earlier this year who shelled out $1,500 to make sure they get their hands on the first of the wearable camera/computers.

Fortunately for them, that $1,500 also bought them acces to exclusive product updates, invites to events, and access to Google+ hangouts — a veritable secret club missing only the secret password for access to the secret treehouse clubhouse.

The above picture was attached to the first of these private updates, taken while Brin was testing out a new unobtrusive photo mode that has Glass taking a picture every 10 seconds without any input from the wearer. It came at the bottom of the intro letter bellow, which welcomed the “explorers” to the club and invited everyone to introduce themselves.

And while a few of us may be wriggling with jealousy that we aren’t allowed in, we can all be grateful for a new source of leak material that should keep us up to date right up until Project Glass makes its glorious debut.

(via Engadget)

  • Ken Ashe

    Why would anyone what to do this?

  • will hall

    By my count every ten seconds is over 8000 photos per day (if 24hrs). No surprise one of them managed to come out OK. The very definition of spray and pray. Also if all of that is being instantly uploaded, what sort of bandwidth and storage is this using, easily gigabytes per day I’d have thought

  • Guest

    Google must be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of all those photos being automatically uploaded to their servers.

  • Esrhan

    Some people are so easy to trick out of their own time and money. Pioneers? A trusted, special group? Don’t make me laugh. No one outside of that ring really cares that they are about to document every moment of their mundane lives. I really hope I don’t have to hear or see too much of this fad.

  • Henning Nilsen

    Being a pioneer in technology is a concept that entices many.

  • Joe

    “I love the composition of the landscape”? Are you allowed to claim that something you didn’t consciously take is ‘well-composed’