Why You Shouldn’t Leave Your DSLR Unattended on the Ocean Floor

Everyone knows you shouldn’t leave DSLRs unattended in public places on land, but did you know that the same is true for when you’re shooting on the ocean floor? In the video above, one unlucky diver leaves his DSLR rig sitting on the ocean floor while swimming with sharks, only to have a klepto tiger shark swipe it and swim away.

Apparently tiger sharks have a thing for cameras: here’s another video that shows what it’s like to be gobbled up by a shark and then spit out.

P.S. Can anyone identify the rig and/or the camera being used?

Thanks for sending in the tip, Adam!

  • Ben Jones

    oh that sucks, sucks to be him, HA

  • Lucky Lola

    I cant help but laugh at that.. Especially the swimmer trying to follow his equipment.

  • Spider- Man

    That is the ever elusive Detroit Fencing Shark. If you check the local pawn shops you will find your rig… (before anyone gets all bent out of shape I am a local Detroit Photog just enjoy the joke)

  • Matt Zheng

    5d shark 2

  • MrRocking

    Sharks can shoot timelapse too.

  • Meggan

    Looks like Tiger Beach! Its on my short list of dives-to-do list :)

  • Tiffany

    That is too cool! Sad the guy lost his equipment! Try telling that to your insurance company, “a shark took my camera” :)

  • Ralph Hightower

    Warning Shark Pornography upcoming!

  • Mute

    Sharks, the hoodies of the sea.

  • Mute

    The annoying thing is you know it got dropped somewhere…

  • Meyr

    He’s using a Seacam housing. Based on the looks, it is a full frame camera because of the extra space below the lens. And he’s shooting with a wide angle lens since he’s using a mini dome. There’s a gopro on top of the camera. He’s using both lights and strobes.

  • Oscar

    Don’t forget the rear view mirror, on the right strobe arm.

  • Spider- Man

    well it is on film :)

  • Mansgame

    So did he ever get it back?

  • gecko1

    Seacam housing for a Canon MK1D series. Sea and Sea YS 120 strobes and Hartenberger video lights and yes, that’s a Go Pro housing on the top. Mini Dome means a FE lens probably. Top end gear for the most part. That’s a lot of $$$ swimming away with the shark. Was nice that it appeared to be gentle with it!