Win a Versatile Tamron 18-270mm Lens Worth $649!

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for a gear giveaway — it’s been some time since our last one — today’s your lucky day! We’re giving away an uber-versatile Tamron 18-270MM f/3.5-6.3 worth $649 and available in Canon, Nikon, and Sony mounts.

Unlike our previous Twitter-centric giveaways, this one will be done through Facebook. Here’s how to enter:

#1: Make Sure You’re a Fan

This giveaway is open to fans of our Facebook page. If you aren’t one, simply click “Like” below:

#2: Enter the Giveaway

Visit the contest page on Facebook or use the form below (reload this page if you had to do Step #1). We’re asking that you enter your email address so that we can contact you if you win. The email won’t be used for any other purpose:

#3 (Optional): Share for More Entries!

Once you enter the contest, you’ll be given a special link to it. Every time someone enters the contest through your special link, you’ll be given another entry and a better chance to win the lens!

This contest will end on July 30th, 2012, and a winner will be selected randomly from all the entries. The giveaway is open to readers outside the US as well, but you will be asked to pay for shipping costs if you win.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

A big thanks to Tamron for providing the prize for this giveaway!

  • FotosNow

    Why force people to use Facebook? Its a waste of time and does not drive any business to a site.

  • asshole on a bike

    Why is this shitty contest only open for those with fucking facebook? And why the hell put on twitter? Twats

  • russianbox

    Not one single comment about this post, I bet you got lots of email addresses for this!

  • DZ

    Do I have to allow the sweepstakes app on Facebook? I don’t really like allowing these apps.

  • Michael Zhang

    Sorry about that. Trying a new system. You can always completely delete the app once the contest is over! :)

  • Michael Zhang

    Email addresses absolutely won’t be used for any purpose other than this giveaway

  • Dion V

    I know it’s your contest to run as you will, but requiring Facebook only is a deal breaker. Really, allowing only app/platform-specific entries is limiting. There’s a nice commenting system right here on your website, and everyone can access it.

  • MrD

    Thanks for the oppurtunity! Good luck everyone!

  • Mansgame

    Would we be required to fill out any sort of tax form or give SSN’s if one of us was lucky enough to win?

  • Jeff

    That sure would be a handy walkaround lens, that’s fer sure!

  • chaia

    this is great and easy! i don’t mind liking on facebook. peta pixel is awesome. good job michael!

  • Michael Zhang

    No that won’t be required

  • Jens Hamada
  • Michael Zhang

    Yup, that’s all you have to do. It’s the same form that’s embedded in this post :)

  • jr cline

    Great give away. I’m not giving an app access to my info though.

  • Mansgame


  • Kbledsoephoto

    For the record: I LOVE the new system for the sweepstakes! KEEP it please.

  • courage to refuse to facebook

    I love Peta Pixel but I will never become a member on Facebook. Too bad your giveaway will take Facebook way.

  • dhenderl

    *fingers crossed*

  • Dorien

    Wow, nice action

  • Fuat

    I don’t mind “liking” you on FB, but I won’t authorize apps…

  • e40200287

    Same here

  • Jason Hodges

    The more people who complain about it being a FB survey thingy and don’t enter just increases the chances of me winning. BRING IT ON SOOKS!!

  • DZ

    Ok thanks. I’ll do it because I really want this lens! :P

  • pedro

    how do I know when I got more tickets as my friends accepted my request??

  • bdbonsai

    Where is the link ..i cant find it out in ur fb fan page

  • Michael Zhang

    What link are you referring to?

  • John Poppa McManaman

    I would love this lens! Perfect to take with me while traveling the country in my big rig! And snapping pics with my iPhone is not that great, lol.

  • Cathy Nestor

    Easy enough, like the app until the sweepstakes ends, and then delete it. Nbd

  • Julian Maytum

    Take it then revoke its access afterwards.

  • Michael Burton

    Great Comp Michael, keep it up…oh, and all you neighsayers…… leave my new lens alone, it has feelings!!

  • eduardo