David Beckham Surprises Fans Inside a Photo Booth

Heartwarming video alert: soccer fans snapping photos inside a London Olympics 2012 photo booth were given a surprise of a lifetime when soccer legend David Beckham randomly poked his head in. The video above — created by Adidas — captures the priceless reactions of the shocked fans. See if you can spot the die-hard Beckham fan (hint: he’s young).

Here are some of the photos that resulted:

  • Kaouthia

    Cool, but what the hell is with that moustache? :)

  • Neoracer Xox

    its called bein trendy. Also tats, get as many as you possibly can on your arms, the chics effing LOVE IT! As long as your skinny and got tats..your hAWT!!:)

  • Dumitru Tira

    hipster Beckham is hipster.