Zack Arias Attempts Pro Photos with a Cheap Camera

The idea that the camera doesn’t make the photographer is, most will agree, a sufficiently dead and overly beaten horse of a subject. It’s nice, however, to actually see the concept in action and taken to an extreme. Of course you could give an enthusiast a several thousand dollar camera and see what effect it has, but the people over at DigitalRev take the opposite approach: they give a crappy camera to a pro photographer.

In this particular installment, the photographer is Zack Arias, who is known for getting great results using a one-flash method. Keeping that in mind, Kai gives him not only an extremely cheap Kodak camera, but also a Nikon flash before setting him loose on the streets of China. It’s safe to say he runs into at least one or two problems as he goes along.

(via Reddit)

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  • ilo photo

    that’s why he’s the man! his ask anything tumblr is awesome as well!

  • bri

    Zack is the man! always so down to earth and humble

  • derekdj

    I bet Zack could’ve delivered better Olympic portraits!

  • rosita

    Of course they’re gonna ask for money, they know white people taking pictures of ethnic people get lots of money

  • perceptionalreality

    Kodak cameras work best with Eneloop or similar pre-charged rechargeables because they deliver the current faster than alkalines. My 7 year-old daughter uses one that we got out of a recycle bin. Its previous owner thought it just didn’t work. Not bad 10x zoom for a 7 year-old. But I wouldn’t use it unless it was the only thing available. Kodak’s image quality just sucks. A web size preview just doesn’t fully show how bad it is.

    Regardless, this is an excellent demonstration of the difference between a pro and a hack; the pro makes it work instead of making excuses.

  • Benicio Murray

    Zack was a good sport. He sure made the most of a shitty challenge

  • Henning Nilsen

    link please?

  • Albi Kl

    So one can sync a speedlight with a point and shoot? I had always thought this was possible but all the “professionals” at my local camera store said it couldn’t be done. Can anyone verify this?

  • Walter Sobchak

    the Chinaman is not the issue

  • zimok

    he’s not syncing anything. just press the flash button at the proper time.

  • Paul Conrad

    Yes. You can synch the SB-26. It has a built in slave unit.

  • Nobody

    Wrong, the pre-flash from the point and shoot is triggering the SB.

  • Eric Knape
  • Albi Kl

    Thanks. I’m going to have to try this out.

  • zimok

    you’re right, my error