Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera Specs Leak One Day Before Official Unveiling

Official product photos of Canon’s soon-to-arrive mirrorless camera — the EOS M — leaked late last week, and now the camera’s specs are following suit. Canon Rumors reports that the camera will feature an 18MP APS-C sensor, an ISO range of 100-12800 (expandable to 25,600), a 3-inch touchscreen, phase and contrast autofocus, autofocus during video recording, 1080p HD video, and various image enhancement features (twilight mode, creative filters, HDR, multi-shot noise reduction).

The system will also launch with an EF lens adapter, a new flash unit, and two lenses: the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM and the EF-M 18-55mm IS.

  • Batmatty

    Kinda underwhelming TBH. But if the price is right, Canon will sell them by the boat-loads.

  • Batmatty

    Kinda underwhelming TBH. But, if the price is right, Canon will sell them by the boat-loads.

  • Renato Murakami

    Underwhelming? It’s a micro four-thirds sized camera sporting an APS-C sensor! Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this is a first, isn’t it?
    The rest is pretty much what was expected I guess…


    Sony has been doing this for several years now with the NEX. Samsung also has a system out. Fuji has one. Pentax has one. Ricoh’s GXR is similar. And Leica released the M8 back in 2006. Canon is anything but first in the mirrorless game. Not to mention Olympus and panasonic creating 43 sensors that are performing arm in arm with top APSC cameras. Will be interesting to see if Canon can pull this off – that’s for sure.

  • Robert Fitzgerald

    Wonderful, if it’s not overpriced. Otherwise I’ll stick with my 60d.

  • Ed

    They came late, but let’s hope they’ve done it right (unlike Nikon and the truly underwhelming 1 system… or whatever they call it). Let us hope they bring out some decent native lenses for the system (unlike Sony and the NEX). Combine that with an adapter for ef lenses and this is the perfect companion for any Canon DSLR shooter. Making it use ef lenses with an adapter (unlike what Pentax did with the k01) makes sense as the camera is still small when using the native lenses. I believe in this system, it even has a decent sized sensor (unlike Panalympus and Nikon).. and I’m a Nikon shooter!

  • Kimosabe de la Hoyde

    It’s not difficult to sell crap cameras. It’s equally simple to withhold technology ie milk consumerism for all it’s worth. Until a company puts a product before a profit, the best we can hope for is a very mediocre drip-feeding of what they want us to have, rather than what is seriously great! Not one camera manufacturer on the planet is putting us before the board of directors’ bonuses. Me? I’ve had and spent enough on ‘technology’ and I’m goin back to 35mm AND manual everything (except metering). Happily, I kept my 30+ yr old Pentax LX. Farewell battery chargers, write speeds, ISO 25,600 and firmware updates. Hello joy of photography!

  • tomas

    couldn’t agree more!!!

  • deevid

    Presumably there will be a hot shoe mounted EVF available but the lack of controls suggest that this is the starter version with the grown-up version with on-camera rather than menu based controls to be released later.

  • trialex

    Please, that film technology is cheating. If you were serious, you’d use paper and a paint brush.

  • ThunderBill2

    For you purists out there I have a Canon AE-1 Program in excellent condition with Canon FD 75-200 mm 1:4.5 zoom lens with macro feature, Canon Powerwinder A2, Canon Speedlite 199A Flash, Metz Mecablitz 197-Q L20C Auxiliary flash, backpack style case and several caps, covers and filters and miscellaneous accessories. All this available to highest bidder + shipping.

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  • will hall

    the dpreview preview gives MSRP as:
    “$799.99 with 22mm lens, $849 with 18-55mm lens, $1049 with 18-55mm + 22mm lenses, $979 with 22mm lens + EF adapter”
    If you do the maths and break it down, that comes to approximately:
    22mm@ $200
    18-55mm@ $250
    body @ $650
    EF adaptor @ $180

  • Steve

    They’re too late for me because I bought a Panasonic G3. If they could get an electronic viewfinder in the same body size, I would be interested. Hopefully they will with the next model. Until then, I don’t want to pay extra for a viewfinder that clips on to the hot shoe, so I’ll give this one a miss.

  • Olafs Osh

    is it me, or it’s just plain expensive and uninteresting?!

  • Mute

    At $800 this is a bargain compared to all the retro-styled machines out there now. If you can live with the touch screen controls and no viewfinder there’s all the functionality you could want here at less than half the price of the Fuji X1 Pro.

    If the way your camera looks is important this obviously isn’t for you, but I don’t see any APS-C sensor competition at these prices. It’s not an enthusiast’s camera but I could see picking one up for traveling. Depends how it performs of course.

  • Mute

    In this price range and (apparent) quality there’s only the Pentax K-01 that I can think of. All the other large sensor compact cameras are either much larger and/or much more expensive. As @72ba2258b26a71ee5bc5819d083d69fb:disqus says, this is a very nice companion for any Canon EOS owner. The lack of physical controls and viewfinder are negatives for me but for the price it’s a compromise I might be happy to make if it performs well.

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    I’ll stick with my DSLR. This EOS M doesn’t have a View-finder.

  • Lisa Joanne DeGregorio

    Totally, off their rocket with those prices