Awesome Slow Motion Aerial Footage of Motorcycles Flying Through the Air

Falling just slightly outside of photographically-relevant but square in the middle of awesome, this short video is just plain cool. Shot by the Copter Kids using Sony’s FS700, the super slow motion video they get of their motocross friends flying through the air makes for some of the most entertaining aerial footage we’ve laid eyes on. Enjoy the music, enjoy the footage, and enjoy the guy pouring an entire beer on himself in slow motion… that last part they just did for the heck of it.

(via Fstoppers)

  • branden rio

    Haha… drinking beer while riding stunt motorcycles, what an example to set. Whatever, the video was indeed awesome. Anyone know what song that was?

  • kyoshinikon

    Ive always wanted to try this (too poor tho)

  • The Obvious

    Where DOES he get those wonderful toys?!

  • NoClueForYou

    Sweet Talk, Kito & Reija Lee. Shazam. It’s awesome guys. Use it.

  • walker

    beer money for commercial? Great fun.