The Fancy Robotic DSLR Rigs Covering the Olympic Games

This behind-the-scenes video by the Associated Press gives a neat look at the various robotic cameras the agency will use at the London Olympic Games (earlier this month we shared some of Reuters’ rigs). Fancy remote-controlled rigs will allow for many photographic firsts, as cameras will be found in locations that were previously inaccessible. Wired writes that despite their usefulness, robotic cameras are causing some human photogs to sweat:

“We are essentially able to put cameras and photographers where they’ve never been before, capturing images in ways they’ve never been captured,” [Fabrizio] Bensch said. “For example, I’ve installed a robotic camera unit on a truss, 30 meters high — in a position where no photographer has been in a previous Olympics.”

For [Mark] Reblias, those are positions you just can’t compete against. With the traditional remote-control cameras, if the subject showed untethered joy five feet out of frame, you were out of luck. Now if Reuters is able to get that shot, “well, there’s nothing I can do,” he said. “Maybe I’ll have to upgrade my gear and make a robotic system. It’d be expensive, it might be a cost I have to take on.”

Robo-Cams at the Olympic Games Make Human Photogs Sweat [Wired]

  • Armand Salmon

    I wonder if there will be a attribution to the robot in photo credits.

  • Mansgame

    all those cameras and technology and they managed to shoot this demo at 360P?

  • Rodrigo Ambrosio Flores

    Photos are going to be awesome, but I think it’s somehow overkill. However, I do believe that the Olympic games are the testing ground for many new elements that will hit the market to professional and semi-professional levels soon enough.

  • Callum Moffat

    I’ve got a robotic uncle camera who’ll do the Olympics with copyright plus all the images on CD for £43.50.