First Leaked Photo of Canon’s Mirrorless Camera

Feast your eyes on Canon’s upcoming mirrorless camera. This image was first published by Japanese camera site Digicame-info, and was reportedly leaked by a camera shop. From the image, we see that the camera’s name is EOS M, and that it comes with an EF-M (a new mount type!) 22mm f/2 STM pancake lens. If the rumors about the camera having an APS-C sensor are true, then the lens is effectively a 35mm lens on the camera — perfect as a kit lens!

Expect to hear an official announcement sometime early next Monday, July 23.

(via Digicame-info via Canon Watch)

  • Mansgame

    Not familiar with canon’s naming schemes, but does this take regular Canon lenses as well – like an L lens? Would it need adapter?

  • Erik Ulloa

    It supposed to Canon make an adapter; but still don’t know if only accept EF or EF-S as-well

  • Erik Ulloa

    In CanonRumos are more pictures (2 more) of the camera

  • mikestrock

    I can’t believe that this camera would use L lenses. Can you imagine trying to use a 70-200 F2.8L lens with that camera? Or a 300 F2.8L lens? I’d love it if it did, but I can’t imagine that it would. Probably doesn’t use CF cards either. Bah.

  • OSAM

    It would definitely need an adaptor: the sensor-to-flange distance (from the sensor to the face of the mount) is considerably less: it would need at least a spacer of some kind. Otherwise your lens would not get proper focusing.

  • Alex Raymond

    Looks phenomenal – I was just looking for a new camera and looks like this one could be a winner!

  • kyoshinikon

    I bet they wanted to watch the reception of the nikon J1 for free R&D… Sounds like it will be much better too…

  • Jens Hamada

    no viewfinder -> deal breaker.
    if i want to use a P&S i grab my mobile phone.
    LCD = useless in bright daylight.

    i waited for the mirrorless canon.. but this camera is just a better point and shot.
    no controls? everything done via touchscreen? nah…. that sucks.

    so i have to wait a bit longer for the PRO modell.

    at least it´s not as shitty as the nikon mirrorless with it´s tiny sensor.

  • Aaron Tsuru

    I’m sure it’s a great camera and all, but man, the design of that thing is so boring. Where’s the flavor Canon?

  • OSAM

    I would suspect they’d make an EF-S adaptor, so that the camera can use EF-S and EF

  • Calgary Photographer

    Looks like Photoshop to me. The top plate looks crooked and not right some how.

  • Jens Hamada

    well it looks crooked because it´s not straight.

  • Mute

    You would need an EF adapter that added space between the back of the lens and the sensor. If Canon don’t make it, someone will.

  • Mute

    I’m happy Canon didn’t take the gimmicky retro look with this camera, although I’ll be unhappy if it costs the same as retro-styled cameras. Fingers cross the body alone won’t cost $1700 like the Fuji x1.

  • Jens Hamada

    after some measuring i think it´s not aps-c… the lens cap is 43mm so the sensor must be smaller then aps-c. or i am too tired….

  • .wp

    The viewfinder probably will be an add-on, in the flash slot.

  • stateowned

    Your mobile phone will suck compared to this..

    and im not sure if you ever seen the latest screens with the LED screens backlight and anti reflective coatings on them.. you see more on camera screens now days then you do on your mobile..

  • Calgary Photographer


  • Dj

    Sorry Canon you’re far too late to the game….ill stick with M4/3 with its system of cameras and Lenses

  • Jens Hamada

    you sure have no clue about the business. :)
    otherwise you would not make such a nonsense statement.
    canon is not too late… canon entered the mirrorless market when it´s most attractive to the mass market.

    this is about money and timing.
    something olympus has to learn. or they will be broke soon enough.

    i had some m43 cameras (e-pl1, gf3, e-pl3). i sold them all after a while.
    and as most m43 users have not invested much into the SYSTEM.. it´s easy to switch for them. most m43 user i know own just the kit lens.
    on the other side there is a huge base of customers who bought into the canon system already. making this camera APS-C and EF compatible via adapter is a very clever move from canon.
    this is the first incarnation of a new system. even when this camera is not for ambitious photographers… the new canon system will be a success.

  • Pam

    Hmm…no thanks. An NEX would still be a better choice. Just like the Fuji was a better choice than the G1X. You fail again Canon!

  • cosmos

    Maybe the EOS MII will be better

  • bachir

    100% agree with you