How Much is a Like, Comment or Follower on Instagram Worth to You?

If the concept of spending real money on a like, comment or follower on Instagram seems downright strange to you, then join the club. But a couple of new websites seem to be capitalizing on people who are willing to do just that. Both Buy Instagram Followers and Buy Instagram Likes sell packages of tens, hundreds and even thousands of likes, comments, and followers that desperate seekers of Instagram popularity can purchase given they’ve got enough dough to spend.

So how much is a like worth? According to Buy Instagram Comments (the cheaper of the two) they’re 6 to 7 cents per, depending on your willingness to buy in bulk. Followers are, understandably, more expensive. They run you 9 cents per follower and are sold in packages all the way up to 20,000 for a eye-widening $1,800. Finally comments, which you can only get from Buy Instagram Likes, will run you 10 cents per or $10 for a hundred notes.

It’s unlikely (we hope) that you’ll start seeing these sorts of services take off in a big way — “look mommy! 50,000 likes for only $100!” “Not here, sweetie, they’re cheaper at WalMart” — but stranger things have happened. Until likes, comments, and followers show up on store shelves, however, you’ll either have to pony up the cash online or, you know, actually earn them.

(via Forbes)

  • Jens Hamada

    lol…. nothing.
    maybe because i have a real life and real life friends……

  • Andrew

    We live in sad times.

  • John Milleker

    Really? No. #Facepalm

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    and two likes as well. so far

  • MikeAlgar42

    Wasn’t there an article on here the other day about this but saying no such exploit was possible?

  • Mantis

    And a Facebook page.

  • Albi Kl

    Brilliant! Wish I had figured out how to monetize peoples’ insecurities before these guys did.

  • rtfe

    i like that comment, but i’m not going to “like” it. hope that makes sense.

  • Steven Alan

    but you left a comment and those are worth more…

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  • Aaron Cole

    My feelings on “likes”…meh, my feelings on paying customers…”FTW!”

  • Christine Bravo

    Nice post! when someone buy a real instagram follower it would surely help in advertising their business. Making it a lot easier to keep increasing your business popularity.