Flickr Responds to “Dear Marissa Mayer”

Hey Internet… Flickr heard your plea for improvement and has responded with its own standalone page titled “Dear Internet“. The page is an open invitation to the Internet to help make the service better by applying for a job. We hear the site is looking to expand, and is looking for new rockstar employees to help it do so.

Dear Internet (via Wired)

P.S. Apparently Marissa Mayer will be getting paid $71 million for her help in reviving Yahoo. To put that into perspective, Flickr was purchased for $35 million back in the mid 2000s.

  • Dan Clarke

    $35, or $35 million.. seems unclear from the article :)?

  • Shawn

    I’m sure you meant that Yahoo bought Flickr for $35 MILLION back in the mid 2000s.

  • Michael Zhang

    Righto. Thanks for the catch :)

  • branden rio

    Can I just say, that I appreciate that the Petapixel authors not only read, not only respond to, but actually update articles based on the comments? Thanks!

  • kas

    If flickr actually responded to resumes

  • Michael Zhang

    What can we say? Facts are important and typos are embarassing, haha

  • Dr. Cat

    So if Marissa Meyer is worth two Flickrs, the answer is simple. Have her spend half her time sitting on one of the servers typing messages to Flickr users and posting her own photos, and that’s worth one whole Flickr right there. She can spend the other half of her time taking care of the rest of Yahoo.

    You’re welcome

  • Bri

    so what they are saying is they can’t just take user’s suggestions and implement them? they need to hire people first?!?

    ok then

  • Angela Henderson

    Um, they’re only hiring for seven positions and they do not, frankly, look any different than any of the others job offerings they’ve had over the years.

  • Zachary Roberts

    It seems odd to me that Flickr, which is a photography site, doesn’t have any jobs for photographers… you know people who might actually be able to help them become ‘awesomer-er’ since we use the site in the real world.

  • Dexter Gordon


  • pick a name

    Interesting. A lot of developer looking positions, yet no Quality Engineering/Quality Assurance postions? Hmmmmmm!