Lives of the 1%: Rich Kids of Instagram

Rich Kids of Instagram is a website that collects Instagram photographs taken by young people who “have more money than you”. It’s a filtered look into the lives of people who zip around in private jets and receive Porsches as presents.

  • Dazam

    More like douchebags of Instagram.

  • Rob W

    I think you mean porsche’s as presents not porches. I don’t think any “young person” would like a porch as a present ;)

  • Michael Zhang

    Very good catch. Thanks!! :)

  • Philip Han

    One does not chose what life they’re born in.

    I utterly hate it when some of my friends who have less than I do call me out being a condescending douchebag. This time around it was travelling to Europe, it’s not my choice that my parents are divorced and the only way I get to see my father is by having him fly me over. I have much more in my head and heart than most could even imagine. It’s not like rich people have everything made, if anything most of them work harder than the lower and middle class to even get rich in the first place and to maintain whatever they have created. You have people in the middle class do nothing to contribute to their employer yet claim that life is unfair and rich people have it made. If you’re so fixated on things that I have that you don’t, then you’re not even bothering to live your own life and only wanting something that I have which is a very sad desire to saturate one’s superficial look.

    However, I’ll admit that a lot of people on there look like they have no concept of what money really is.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    OK there is being financially secure, being wealthy and then there is driving a pink Rolls Royce

  • PaulMD

    Very well said Philip Han. To be honest, I think most of the whining stems from jealousy and most people know they cant achieve that kind of wealth. People need to be happy with what they have,

  • Dazam

    There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of money, but most of these pics look like outtakes from the Jersey Shore.

  • Jon

    Okay Phillip, While I will agree with you that one does not choose the life they were born, and you seem like you have your head on straight. I’m gonna have to correct you about people in the middle class.
    I work my ass off while going to school full time, my last two summers I have added an internship(free labor) in hopes to better increase my chances of being employed. I have been working for the same company while in college for 5 years and have worked as hard as I can. Both my parents worked their butts off for their employers, my father got fired because his company is going down the crapper so they are firing longtime employees cause they make more than the new guys. My mom has helped her boss since the start of the company. Now I will agree there are a good amount of people who whine about not having anything and do nothing about it. But for you to group everyone in a whole like that shows and very shallow look on this country. I hope you change your views about us people in the middle class. Cause I will continue to work hard, but still believe that our country is skewed in favor of the wealthy.

  • Leslie Vazquez

    I don’t think any “young person” would like a porch as a present ;)

  • Kent

    Okay, so I’m sure this isn’t a popular thing to say in the era of “fairness”, and believe me, I have to call my bank every time I go to McDonalds to make sure I have enough to buy a cheeseburger… BUT….

    In most western countries that don’t have caste systems, you can actually work hard, innovate and yes, struggle while doing it, and make millions of dollars like these kids’ parents. It’s called equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome.

    Besides, when I did have a lot of money, I was more miserable than without it. I can never figure out why that is, but even when I would go on shopping sprees at my local camera store, I would get home and feel like an empty husk. Yet some of my best memories were when I was living paycheck to paycheck but surrounded by people that I enjoyed spending time with.

  • Sheepdog

    Maybe you ARE being a condescending douchebag?

  • Sheepdog

    Problem is that ultra-wealthy are actively trying to take more and more away from the middle class every day.

    It’s not jelousy, it’s anger.

  • Sheepdog

    Sorry, but that’s bullshit. It just is.
    America USED to be like that, but it’s not anymore. Not even close.

    What you’re saying is that a child who is born in a poor rural, with very little in way of a local tax base to pay for good education, with poor & uneducated parents has just as much chance to become millionaire as a kid who was born the son of a Millionaire Governor?

    Those poor kids are doomed from the start and with no fault of their own.

  • rtfe

    it does sort of depend on what comes with the porch, e.g a house, riverboat, crematorium, and what not

  • 9inchnail

    Isn’t that just the problem? Why are some people born in elitist circles that other people can NEVER achieve no matter how hard they work? Of course it’s jealousy but isn’t it justified considering the unequalities in society? You’re born poor, too bad, you’re gonna die poor. Not my problem, I’ll have another glass of Cristal while you work your ass off to feed your kid (which of course will also never have a future).

  • 9inchnail

    Exactly and even if they somehow did get into a good school, worked three jobs to pay for it and somehow finished with good grades, it is a fact that kids of rich parents are favored when it comes to applying for a job. Even if their grades are not up to yours, doesn’t matter, social heritage is a big factor and that sucks big time.

    “In most western countries that don’t have caste systems”

    Please name one of those countries, cause I really wanna live there. Just because we don’t openly call our society a caste system, doesn’t mean that there isn’t one deciding what you can achieve in life and what not.

  • Julian Maytum

    I’ve never been called out as being a condescending douchebag by my friends. Perhaps if I were I could empathize.

  • Tom Bryan

    sooooo, this doesn’t bother me at all it just makes me want to work harder. which is what the American sentiment should be.

  • gregorylent

    choice and intention play a larger part than we know in changing those circumstances that we don’t like in our lives.

  • KK

    I don’t think a lot of people understand that there are those whose with wealthy relatives who don’t really reveal anything until later. It changes somebody’s life. Nobody should just hand down money like that. The kids in the picture look like assholes. But there are those who had to work their way up and had families who worked hard. It’s funny how I grew up thinking a lot of millionaire kids were handed down everything until I realized that I was born into one. It’s really funny how people treat you differently too and the stupid things they say about you. They become superficial. It’s funnier when they are poor kids who do things that’s not going to get them anywhere. I’m still pretending it never happened.

  • John

    I think most people would love to think they have as much opportunity today to get rich as in the past, I would too…but they have extensive research to prove that if you were born rich you will stay rich if you were born poor you’ll probably stay poor. Its called economic mobility, which has been decreasing in the US for decades.