Comic: Willingness to Pay Through the History of Photography

Here’s a humorous What The Duck comic that perfectly captures the general public’s perception of photography. Soon photographers will be paying clients to make pictures.

(via DIYP)

  • Steven Alan Worster

    Wait, you guys aren’t paying people to take their photo?!

  • Stuntman Mike


  • stormkite

    Actually I get asked frequently “How much do I get if you sell the pictures?”

  • Kyoshi Becker

    I was talking to a girl who actually thought photographers should have to pay people to take their picture as “they could do it themselves” I didn’t respond as I didn’t want to sa what I was thinking…

  • Happy Tinfoil Cat

    I’m guilty of paying girls to pose for me. Of course, they have to know how to model, be buck nekkid and smokin’ hot. Most clients wouldn’t qualify.

  • 9inchnail

    Well, that’s only fair if you’re actually gonna sell any of the photos, isn’t it? Or does this whole whining about not getting paid not apply to models?

  • Angus McFangus

    I think they’re exactly right. It’s questionable wether they should get paid when you sell a picture they’ve asked you to take of them..


    The should definitely get paid according to the use (time, territory, type of use…advertising etc) of an image you sell. When they’re asked to sing a model release is when they can negotiate their fee. It’s entirely appropriate that a person is compensated for the use of their likeness when it endorses a brand or product.

  • John MacLean Photography

    Umm, so MC you’re implying that professional photography isn’t a profession, and they shouldn’t be paid for the “work” they perform? Please enlighten me!