Shooting a Beautiful Colombian Library at Dusk with Photographer Mike Butler

Here’s a great behind the scenes video with architectural photographer Mike Butler that’ll help start your Sunday off right. It’s not often you get a behind the scenes, on location look at the mammoth task of shooting and lighting a beautiful building, and this video offers just that. And when we say mammoth, we mean mammoth — each image took anywhere between 3 and 8 hours and a huge crew sometimes communicating by two-way radio to get right.

(via Fstoppers)

  • Ross

    I wonder how much the client paid for a shoot like this? There is a lot of staff/equipment cost to cover…

  • Richard

    The shots are dramatic and beautiful. Amazing work and it’s great to see the behind the scenes story of how they were set up.

  • Michael Baird

    This work by Mike Butler defInes what it means to be a pro photographer.

  • Mr.Answer

    Nothing – he said it was a personal project @ 00:12

  • JosephRT

    And as a personal project, I thinks its safe to say his portfolio has gained an immense amount of monetary value (from future clients) from this project.

  • perceptionalreality

    There’s no question that he knows what he’s doing and it shows in his work. But I would argue one point: He states that the level of details and textures he achieves in the first interior shot could never be done with HDR. That is true of spaces where the existing lighting sucks. But HDR is phenomenally well suited for spaces with well-designed lighting schemes.

  • Jens Hamada

    don´t get me wrong his pictures sure are good technical work.
    but personally i often don´t like them much.
    some of them look overdone and too orchestrated.
    its´ to much for my taste.. on a different level then most HDR images.
    they look like the architectural renderings i have done in 3D max 5 years ago.
    too artificial and staged..
    but maybe that´s what his clients want.