Shooting a Beautiful Colombian Library at Dusk with Photographer Mike Butler

Here’s a great behind the scenes video with architectural photographer Mike Butler that’ll help start your Sunday off right. It’s not often you get a behind the scenes, on location look at the mammoth task of shooting and lighting a beautiful building, and this video offers just that. And when we say mammoth, we mean mammoth — each image took anywhere between 3 and 8 hours and a huge crew sometimes communicating by two-way radio to get right.

(via Fstoppers)

  • andrea

    Im a 3D artist and in my opinion this is a completely different realm of artistry, i have been doing architectural renderings for over 10 years. (im also a trained architect) and you cannot compare what is possible to achieve trough 3d max, maya or any other 3d visualization tool simple because is a completely different field, to the untrained and naked eye yes the result is probably similar but if you truly understand photography the differences between the two techniques abysmal.
    what he is doing here requires a different set of skill therefore the images reflect in a completely different composition. you may not have an understanding of what he is doing highlighting the lack of a deep knowledge of both disciplines.