30,000 Photo Time-Lapse Shrinks Three Months in Europe Into Five Minutes

A couple of months ago we featured a 30,000 photo time-lapse by David Navarrete that was captured over an entire year at Disneyland. Today we have another 30,000 photos by another David, only this time they’re shrinking a three month vacation in Europe down to five minutes of beautiful imagery. So if you’ve never had the chance to take that bohemian backpacking trip through Europe, and you don’t see yourself doing it in the foreseeable future, click the play button and enjoy some vicarious travel and inspiration — time-lapse style.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Russ Catalano

    I’m sorry if you do this, but isn’t it just making video?

  • Tim

    Nope, it’s thousands of still photographs taken at set intervals. So instead of 60fps, as in some video, you might take a single frame every second and play it back at 60fps so that 1minute = 1 hour. You can drag the shutter to emphasise movement (as seen in the light trails). What you get is this beautiful window into how the world moves.

  • Nicholas Welles

    Anyone know what the song in the background is?

  • Jmo


  • 김웅

    “Journey’s End” by Blackmill

  • ZandoDing

    Thats like the coolest thign since sliced bread dude.
    Total-Privacy dot US

  • Dmitry Rukhlenko

    In fact, quite boring – no light, nothing outstanding in terms of composition. Compare with TSO Photography
    or Tom Lowe.

    Here only the tremendous number of frames sounds impressive.

  • Clare Delaney

    I didn’t think it was boring at all (as per the previous comment). I suppose it depends upon what you want from it. If you want beautifully crafted and composed individual shots, then look elsewhere. I appreciated the craft that went into its making. I loved the shots, for example, of the woman in the white suit with the pink suitcase in the open square – a lovely ‘slice of life'; the different view of the Louvre, the boats seeming to miss each other by inches…. I enjoyed this for its brief glimpses of life, the movement in cities, the colours, the landscapes, the water – “potted Europe” from someone else’s point of view. It brightened up my day!