How to Make a Cheap Monopod Using a Broom Handle

If you’re in need of some quick image stabilization but don’t want to shell out the $16+ dollars it takes to buy a real one, an old broom handle can do the trick. All you need besides the handle — or a 1-inch wooden dowel, or a big stick — are a hex nut and hanger bolt for the tripod mount and a spiral nail for the base. MAKE has the lowdown on how you put the ingredients together to form “the world’s cheapest monopod”.

World’s Cheapest Monopod (via Lifehacker)

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  • Jim Saul

    If you ever get prescriptions at Target, those thick, colorful rubber rings they put on the neck of the bottle would make a great bushing so you can screw the camera on tight enough to be stable, but not break the socket, You’d need to put a wide washer on beneath the ring.

    I even use them for vibration absorbers in my telescope mounts.

  • Mansgame

    For the longest time I used an el chipo light stand’s pole as a monopot – I think the thing was $20 new and once one of the legs broke off, I removed the other ones. At least that one was a little more respectable and didn’t require a wood saw for adjustment.

  • Nathan Blaney

    This could be even easier – just drill a nice deep 1/4″ hole in the handle top, then tap in a length of 1/4″ threaded rod. Use a bit of glue in the hole to secure it – Done.

  • brothersage

    Since when is 16 bucks too much for camera gear? You already paid $200-$800 on a camera… Anyways, amazon has em for 13 bucks…