Close Up View of the San Diego Fireworks Fail

A computer error at the San Diego fireworks show last week led to an 18-minute show being condensed into 15 seconds… and also some pretty crazy firework photos. YouTube user danwroy was sitting across the water from the launch area, and used a Canon 60D to capture this crazy video showing what the spectacle looked like to those with front row seats (you might want to turn your volume down). So this is what firework shows look like to cameras with their shutters left open…

  • russianbox

    How it should always be!

  • Physcs_Dude

    Yes, indeed! This is how it always should be!

  • AJD114

    THATS A WIN! not a fail.

  • Matthew Neumann

    Holy hell that was awesome. I might actually go out to fireworks again if they were gonna be like that!

  • Donald

    everybody is saying the same including at the scene – woman’s voice near end of clip “best show ever”. Since when has a fireworks show received so much attention and all positive! Turns out no one cares much for the peony, the willow tree, or the rings of saturn, the lesson is, short of a nuclear bomb, all we want is one huge freaking bright explosion.

    All fireworks shows have a new personal best / world record to aim for, courtesy of San Diego’s IT budget cuts forcing everyone to use Windows Vista!!!

  • Will Ablett

    Actually, the San Diego one was better.