Augmented Reality App Puts Virtual Images on Physical Walls

LZRTAG is a free Android app that lets you generate QR codes associated with uploaded images — mostly animated .gif images. The codes can be printed out and placed on walls and other surfaces. When scanned with the Android app, the codes call up the associated image and display it in an augmented reality on your phone.

The LZRTAG promo video shows the app used as digital “tags” on walls, telephone poles and other areas where graffiti art might normally be found, but also shows some application in printed media: books, newspapers and so forth. This could also be a novel concept for photographers displaying work in galleries: instead of physical prints on walls, photographers could potentially display digital work in augmented reality. Or for all the .gif fans out there, how about a physical gallery filled with .gif collections from Tumblr sites?

LZRTAG is free in the Google play store.

LZRTAG [Google Play]

  • Ayden

    Very Very cool.

  • Dave Polak

    Why would I want to augment my reality? It’s strange enough as it is.

  • Lisette Rozenberg

    When available for iPhone?

  • Joe Brandibas

    Most people can’t get it to work and it only works on a limited number of Android phones. Its current rating is 2.1 on the store. I like the idea and I think it could really go places, but if it doesn’t support phones that are only a year old, it will never get a foothold in the market.