17-20-23: A Lip-Sync Video That Spans Six Years

Alex Dainis of Boston first recorded herself lip-syncing the song “Aaron’s Party” by Aaron Carter back when she was 17. Three years later she made another recording, and finally this year — at the age of 23 — she made a third. This resulting video, titled 17-20-23, shows her singing her heart out at all three ages. She writes,

One take, once every three years. Sure there’s a story behind it, but mostly I just hope I’ll still be this ridiculous at 26, 29, 32…you get the idea. I think it’s simultaneously the best and worst idea I’ve ever had.

If you have children, you could start a yearly tradition of recording a lip-syncing video. It’d make for an awesome video once they’re adults.

(via Laughing Squid)

  • Paul Kerrison

    I hope she still likes the song in 20 years time :-)

  • Jamie Weir

    I’m sure she will. Aaron Carter is the songbird of our generation.

  • Pablo

    Weird: Aaron Carter’s voice sounds better coming out her face than his face.

  • Ralph Hightower

    Uh, who’s Aaron Carter? And number 2 question, should I care?

  • pryere

    I’m glad I don’t know who he is.