Postrgram Turns Your Instagram and Flickr Images into Photo Mosaics

Postrgram is a new service that turns your Instagram and/or Flickr photo collections into photomosaics, or giant photos composed of tiny photos. The process involves a few simple steps: tell the service your username (make sure you have at least 50 photos in your stream), specify the image you’d like as the main image, and the rest is taken care of.

An 18×18-inch poster starts $35, and the largest 44×44-inch size costs $60.

Postrgram [Postrgram]

  • Les

    sold out?

  • Postrgram


  • Jay

    There is a program called ‘AndreaMosaic’ that you can creat your own mosaic photo.

  • Jay

    There is a program called ‘AndreaMosaic’ that you can create your own mosaic photo.

  • Mansgame

    Instead of fads, I wish people would focus more on getting good pictures: compose them well, expose them well, focus correctly, and do just enough post processing to make the image sharp. Uploading a bunch of average pictures to a service to get one giant average picture doesn’t make one a good photographer or an artist.

  • Postrgram

    I totally agree, but not everyone wants to be a artist. Most people use Instagram not to make photos for their gallery, but rather to quickly save awesome little memories of their life. That’s why the Postrgram poster is so popular right now, it is a whole lot of fun just starting at the hundreds of photos and reliving past events.

  • chuck

    is there a way i just do a mosaic of a hashtag? All the photos on the hashtag are mine but my instagram has other photos i wouldnt want on such poster.