Forget Instagram: Create Your Own Toy Camera Rainbow Filter

Want to add some custom tints to your photos without resorting to digital trickery? dainy over at Lomography has a tutorial on how you can create a simple color filter using some cardboard and colored transparency sheets. Combining thin strips of various colors can lead to pretty artsy effects.

Make Your Own Color Filter! [Lomography]

  • Kiel

    why hassle yourself if there’s already apps you can use anytime and anywhere? its okay to create this cardboard but not all the time you bring them with you., right!

  • carlos

    sorry but wether you use instagram or those filters – the images just look like crap.

  • Wallerus

    How about tracing some circles in the transparency or gel. about 52,58, 72mm in diameter. Place those circle between a UV filter and a lense, and BOOM!