Botched Fireworks Display Makes For Glorious Photos of Fireballs

The 4th of July fireworks show in San Diego malfunctioned yesterday, resulting in an entire show’s 20-minutes worth of fireworks released in 15 seconds that the Port of San Diego attributed to a corrupted computer file.

But for some prepared photographers, the display resulted in some singular photos of the large fireballs.

You can watch more videos of the brief show below:

Image credit: San Diego Fireworks Accident by Lightning Jeff, All at Once by Kevinisms, mikenewton-SD4TH-EXPLOSION- by Mike B. Newton

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  • DLCade

    Hey @MikeNewton:disqus, It looks like we originally credited the photo to you and linked to your Flickr at the bottom of the post. Would you like us to change the link to your website or is it okay as is?

  • Mike Newton

    Please forgive me for my mistake Jennifer, it’s fine the way it is. I didn’t see it there and was looking for it beneath the photo vs. at the bottom of the post. Sorry to trouble you!