32-Year-Old Man Has a Conversation with His 12-Year-Old Self

20 years ago, actor and filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald used a video camera to send a message to his future self. This year McDonald — now 32-years-old — took that message and created this awesome video of himself as an adult talking himself as a child.

  • Kalie

    :o Awesome.

  • Wallerus


  • Mike

    Great idea!

  • scott jacobson


  • Sierra

    stealing this idea!

  • Andrea


  • J. Ozuna

    Call me sentimental, but this actually made me tear up a bit – especially during that scene where he sees his drawing and remembers his aspirations as a kid, and then has that moment of realization of what he has become. This was beautifully played out. Kudos to Jeremiah – this is brilliant.

  • Rosie

    Really funny! What a great thing to do!

  • Michael Choi

    Yeah I agree, Wow!

  • patriciaduff

    Love love love. Well done, Jeremiah. Both of you.


    and why is this guy not a multimillionaire? he was a genius at 12. dude what the hell happened?

  • Xavery Williams

    money isn’t everything haha

  • Lisa Benston

    I would have made my 12 year old self cry…and I would have enjoyed it…my elder self is a mean, twisted person. Nevertheless, I too still love Dr. Who. Well done!

  • Lori Bell

    They should have kids do this in all the schools.

  • Dennis

    Lame. Maybe I’m cynical, but shit like this is annoying. The video equivalent of Chicken Soup for the Soul.

  • Twilight fairy

    This is SO SO SO brilliant! So creative of Jeremiah to have planned this at the age of 12! Makes me wonder why the rest of us didn’t think of it

  • danieljohnwilliams

    this is a touch of absolute genius!

  • denbid

    Very funny nice suff

  • Blasphemer

    You don’t even know what ‘cynical’ means. What the philosophical school of Cynic Philosophers was in ancient Greece, out of whom the modern (and FALSE as it’s being used) term came. Perfectly understandable for you to find this video lame and annoying, as you are the equivalent of a floating dog-sht in the ocean of thoughts and feelings.

  • Tina Turner

    This is awesome!!!! Absolutely brilliant!

  • Jesse Hynes

    ROFL! (*but that was a little mean..)

  • daniellezer0


  • Guest

    Totally cool. I’m going to have my kids do this. And i’m going to do this now with my 31 year old self and talk to myself in 30 years.

  • Natasha Rochelle Hairpin

    This is amazing and genius!!!! Thanks so much Jeremiah!! Don’t ever change!!!

  • Christopher

    I’m with your Dennis. I feel sorry for the younger version of this guy who did something original creative and extremely thoughtful at twelve in the 90’s that his older bad-acting douche-y self had to go and screw up and chop up for his own narcissistic fulfillment. Can’t believe how many people don’t see this.

  • Andy

    ummm… huh? Reality-check, Christopher, no animals were harmed in the filming of this video (unless you count the egos of irrelevant bystanders to the internet information superhighway).

    Thanks Jeremiah, this shit was cool, including the way you offset the unavoidable narcissism of the project with subtle self-jabs.

  • J M Filipowicz


  • Wendy Feng

    That kid must’ve looked batshit insane recording the original.

  • Alienduck

    Fantastic! And the Dr. Who reference to “Blink”, in which was the “one-sided conversation from the past”. Brilliant.

  • Ming Mcfadden

    This is Flippin’ Brillant

  • bc carnes

    Totally brilliant….outstanding video editing..
    It should become school projects around the country .

  • bonshui


  • Jane

    Mazel tov to Jeremiah — past, present and future!

  • Bill

    “Like this??” There is nothing else “like this” — it’s one of the most original pieces of filmmaking to come along in years, and it’s brilliant. That you find it annoying probably says more about you than the film.

  • Bill

    Brilliant, original, and well executed. The biker scout was great, but the Blink bit hit it out of the stadium. That you wrote the basic screenplay at 12 (with some editing at 32) is impressive.

  • Jerimiah

    Good concept. But come on,… this sucked.

  • trudat

    true genius doesn’t pay off! sorry to say lol

  • Hazel

    Dude, just imagine what you could do as an adult if that is what you came up with as a kid. Pure genius!

  • GlossGreen

    This is such a cool idea. And I agree, planning this from 12 years old and sticking with the idea for 20 years is awesome and genius. Like a time capsule, but infinitely cooler.

  • L.michele Lamar-Acuff

    We are in love – and we like Doctor Who as well.

  • Floyd Wray

    Absolutely incredible. Beautifully realized and performed — actually, rather unique in that sense. This is performance art across two decades. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen anything it’s equal.

  • Ben

    How did he screw this up? What would be a correct use of the footage? If he answered the questions about the family dog with a straight face? Younger him was being just as “narcissistic” in shooting it. I very much enjoy that you feel sorry for the younger version of this guy, as if, you know, it’s a separate person. Time being a construct and all, I don’t think we’ll ever be able to find out just how crushed non-existent past-him is.

  • Vikki Vaught

    Humanity is Brilliant! as the good Dr. would say. This was a fantastic idea. I just shared this w my 12 yr old daughter who can’t fathom a life b4 the internet.

  • J. P.

    I love this! He was such a character growing up and even now. When his younger self went all crazy at 0:56 and then the older self’s expression to it made me crack up!

  • Becca

    this is awesome!! you were and are incredibly smart film maker!!~

  • Joe


  • Alan Jaffe

    I don’t get that blink thing. Can you please explain to me why that was brilliant? Thx

  • daniellezer0

    It’s a quote from the modern Doctor Who series, the Doctor faces these monsters called the Weeping Angels, who only attack you when you’re not looking ad them…hence the “don’t blink” quote :)

  • The_photographer_Tom

    Just you watch. In ten years from now, there’s going to be a whole load more of these videos! :o)

  • ASH