32-Year-Old Man Has a Conversation with His 12-Year-Old Self

20 years ago, actor and filmmaker Jeremiah McDonald used a video camera to send a message to his future self. This year McDonald — now 32-years-old — took that message and created this awesome video of himself as an adult talking himself as a child.

  • Karl

    Very cleverly concieved. Scary that his younger self was questioning about what has he done with his life, when it was evident that he hadnt done alot…but maybe that was a set-up. He must of done two versions of this video when he was young – one being positive about his life and the other being negative.

  • Daniel Reid

    But it does pay for a lot of things.

  • Daniel Reid

    You feel sorry for the younger version of someone for being done over by…….themselves?
    Methinks you missed the point of the video!

  • SP

    Nice. Clever.. Clever, because it seems as if the script was written 20 years back, but if you notice carefully, its a clever editing of random shot/expressions from childhood interwoven with his present video in conversation – nicely script. But its a great video and very unique idea.

  • Hunter

    Well edited!

  • Elizabeth Caldwell

    As Daniellerzer0 says, it is from Doctor Who… just to further the explanation a bit , The Doctor provides a one sided conversation from the past (or was it from the future, I cant remember now) telling the viewer not to blink.