Stop Motion of a 35mm Film Roll Loading Itself Into a Camera

Here’s a fun little 30-second stop motion video showing a roll of 35mm film loading itself into a camera. It was created as a project for a photography class.

  • Bruno Unna

    Funny and well performed, but I think the photo settings (particularly exposure) should have been set at once, from start, and not changed in the rest of photograms.

  • J

    It looks like they are using window light, so they probably did but…

  • Daniel Boe Vennevold

    The idea is good, the execution not so much.

    The light changes through every frame and at some point you can see the table on the bottom left.

    And then they could have used a bit more frames, but that’s just my opinion.

  • Aidan

    I have the same camera, it is great!