Make a Quick DIY Sun Filter Using a Floppy Disk

If you want to snap a photograph of the sun (perhaps during an eclipse) without burning your camera sensor, one quick way is to make a dark filter using an unwanted floppy disk (remember those?). You’ll need to carefully harvest the black magnetic film inside the disk and slice out a piece to cover your lens with. Two words of warning: don’t crease the film, lest you make it unusable, and don’t use the filter with your human eyes.

Floppy Disk Sun Filter [Instructables]

  • Michael

    Don’t do this. If you accidentally take a look through the camera, you will risk an eye. Literally. The right filters might be more expensive, but they are safe.

  • Too smart for this

    Yea this seems like really bad advice that is just an accident waiting to happen.

  • Barbara C. Sutton

    like really bad advice that is just an accident waiting to

  • Hoover

    This is one of those urban myths that has the potential to hurt someone very badly. The only things that should be used to view the sun directly is either a legitimate solar filter or #14 (or darker) welding glass. Anything else and you risk permanent vision damage.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks for pointing that out. The filter is meant for compact cameras and any camera that doesn’t require you to look through the actual lens :)

  • John Stock

    Have you done tests to see if it also blocks the harmful UV light which can damage sensors and eyes? Or are you just basing this from visual evidence (which wont show UV light).. If you’ve not tested, I would remove this article ASAP before harm is done.

  • Michael

    Thats true for compact cameras. But there will be some guys around which actually don’t think about this. Or try to use it directly. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  • sh

    This is dangerous to eye and camera. Such a filter blocks almost no IR light and is often used to make DIY IR cameras. A longer exposure can damage the sensor and even pointing it toward the Sun can melt the curtain. Not to mention looking trough the camera’s viewfinder can cause permanent damage to your eye.

    You better write an article about preventing damage rather than advertising such idiotic methods.

  • student

    When was the last time anyone saw a floppy disk anyway?!

  • vycka

    do anyone still have floppy disks? :)