Shooting An Exploded View Motocross Bike for ESPN

Ever wondered how one of those exploded view photos comes together? Well, the above video by photographer Adam Voorhes should shed some light on the matter. When he was asked to photograph an exploded view of a Kawasaki motorcross bike for ESPN, he decided to put together this video that crunches 2 days worth of dismantling and hanging at Kawasaki headquarters in California into just under a minute.

If you like the video, be sure to check out his whole series of exploded views — ranging from an etch a sketch to a football helmet — over on his website.

Moto Explosion for ESPN (via ISO1200)

  • Benjamin Lappalainen

    Could anybody tell me what the song is? I attempted to soundhound it but came up with no matches…

  • RobinKay

    Hey Benjamin, I’m Adam’s studio manager. Adam actually had a friend create that short song just for the video. It was done by a guy named Sterling Finlay.