Polaroid Z2300: Instant Photos in a Point-and-Shoot Body

Polaroid lovers will be happy to know that it doesn’t look like the company is slowing down where the instant camera game is concerned. Late last year they unveiled the Z340 — a futuristic digital instant camera in the classic Polaroid style — and now they’ve officially announced their newer, sleeker Z2300. The Z2300 falls somewhere in-between Polaroid’s big and bulky Z340 and the dinky (and somewhat unwieldy) PIC-300. In many ways it combines the best of both worlds in to a much more stylish point-and-shoot package.

On the technical side of things the Z2300 can take 10-megapixel photos, which you can edit in-camera and then choose to either store on an SD card or spit out as full-color 2 x 3-inch prints in about 30 seconds using the same ZINK technology built into the Z340. And if you so choose, you can also take 720p HD video on the stylish little shooter, although if you’re gonna do that often you may want to invest in a larger SD card than the 4GB one that comes bundled with the camera.

The camera was officially announced today and is already available for pre-order for $159.99 on Polaroid’s website. It will start hitting store shelves in mid-August, and the ZINK paper that goes with it will release at the same time in packs of 30 or 50 prints for $14.99 and $24.99, respectively. For more details, or if you wanna pre-order one for yourself, check out the Z2300’s product page.

  • Danmarker

    I wonder if you can print images taken on other devices via the SD card

  • Esrhan

    The problem with these Polaroid “cameras” is exactly the camera itself. The printing mechanism is fine, but these worse than smartphone optics, sensors, battery life and controls are a waste of effort. Either just get the GL10 mobile printer and use other devices to capture images or combine this printing mechanism with a proper mirrorless equivalent or least something like the Panasonic LX5.

  • Jason L.

    Who wants to carry a print around?  Point & Shoot cameras are almost become a thing of the past. Everyone rather use their multitasking phone where they can have unlimited instant gratification of images, not limited to how many prints are in a pack(and not have to carry multiple devices around). If you want an image printed, send it to a local lab for $15 cents.  

  • Luke Hermann

    I think you guys are missing the demographic here, I’m not sure how old you are but I actually think these are going to be a hit with the 15-21 crowd. I think with the all digital-era now days, that printing photos has become a thing of the past for alot of people simply because they don’t have the time or even the now-how to print photos from a digital camera. So they just get stored on a pc and never actually get printed.

     Before digital you had no choice but to print them since you just dropped off the film and returned when completed. Kids are so lazy these days they don’t want to take the time or effort to go print off their sd card. This will create decent pics that allow you to print the ones you like instantly. I think it’s kinda cool personally, and at the price point they will sell.

  • Phillip Pessar

    If this is anything like the original Polaroid Pogo printer which uses the same Zink technology  I think the problem is the printer. I gave up on mine. Colors were way off and you had to clean the printer after every printed photo or else the photos would be streaked.

  • Jacqui Dee

    I had a photo taken with the bulkier one at the Digital Show in Melbourne. Absolutely disgusting image and print quality. The print colours made us look ill. The guy told us this one had improved the technology… but it honestly didn’t appeal to me.

  • mrbeard

    i still see the appeal in these types of cameras, i bought a fujifilm instax 210 and its great for group shots at parties, a moment frozen in time. Something i cannot do with similiar digital images as i cant resist correcting or tinkering the image on photoshop.