Fiery Multiple Exposure Shoot Produced In-Camera

Photographer Benjamin “Von Wong” has pulled of a flashy feat with fire: a multiple exposure shoot of a pyrotechnician at work — all photographed and produced in his Nikon D800. That’s right — all in-camera, no stacking in Photoshop.

Von Wong wrote on his blog:

DAS [the pyrotechnician] and I had decided that we wanted to take AMAZING shots straight out of camera, without photoshop. It is too easy these days to snigger at a photo and say: “well its just photoshop” so we really wanted to push the boundaries on what was possible to create in camera… something that was REAL. What we wanted to create is simple to do on photoshop… but in camera would be a whole different ballpark. So that was the constraint and challenge we set ourselves, even though we knew it could mean that the shots would be “less perfect” … or even miss out completely.

Better yet, it’s not so hard to do if you’ve got a recent Nikon (sorry, Canonites, only the recent Canon 5D Mk III has this feature!). DIY Photography has some how-to details here.

Here’s the payoff:

Check out Von Wong’s blog for more details on the shoot. This is the first video released from his recent trip across Europe.

Credits: Video by Erwan Cloarec, photographs by Benjamin “Von Wong”

  • Guest

    Most Pentax cameras have had this feature since the early 2000’s.
    I think (but would have to confirm) they even let you review progress as you go along.

  • Myguessisyes

    My old Fujifilm piece of crap has it… but it isn’t as good as Film or this Nikon Multi Exposure is.

  • Myguessisyes

    My old Fujifilm piece of crap has it… but it isn’t as good as Film or this Nikon Multi Exposure is.

  • Tib

    this is no multiple exposure, this is photoshop inside the camera… 

  • rtfe

    this blows

  • seanlucky

     Agreed. It’s quite sad how he’s so proud of his in camera accomplishment when he’s simply relying on the camera to do the photoshop.

  • Michelle M. Stgeorge


  • MikeC366

    I like the shots, regardless of how he did them. This is my efforts so far with fire, when the Olympic Flame came through our town yesterday…

  • Aaro Keipi

    I don’t care how he did them–those shots are sick!

  • vonwong

    lol, please explain what’s different between a real multiple exposure and what I did ?

    And Sean, I’m proud of the results because it was a personal challenge to do something I hadn’t done before. 

  • vonwong

    The flame isn’t bright enough for the amount of sun! Dusk would have been a better time to capture that torch :)

  • vonwong


  • Cochese

    I would like to say that I enjoyed your work in the videos. The multiple exposure feature is the only thing I miss about my old Nikon DSLR and Olympus and Pentax film cameras. That aside, I fail to see the point some of these people are trying to make. Multiple exposure is in film, almost exactly what it is in digital photography and still requires skill to get it right. Whether you are stacking photos in Photoshop or using the camera’s built-in function. It sounds to me like a bunch of childish “I can do that, but I will never attempt it and lack the cooridination to do so” people are trying to discredit your work.

    I’m a nature photographer by heart and have been breaking into portrait and experimental stuff. It’s astounding how many people are willing to discredit something cool and technical such as this. Afterall, this really isn’t so much about the “in body” function of the Nikon as you could have gotten the same or very similar results in photoshop. But the technical aspect of getting these shots are where it is at and to that end, nobody commenting here has likely ever done it or gotten that technical with anything they’ve tried.

    Oh, and I’d bet a lot of the “critics” here are mostly jaded Canon fanboys. (I’m currently a Canon fan, but I’m by no means jaded)

  • John

    That’s a strikingly apt qualification of your contribution.

  • vonwong

    Thanks for the kind words Cochese :) I’ve seen some pretty cool stuff done with multiple exposures and nature photography for smoothing out highlights… check it out, maybe you can make use of the function too (when you upgrade to a 5d MK III !)

  • Jostein Roalkvam

     Pff. My Speed Graphic has had this “function” since the early 1900s ;)

  • rtfe

    you failed to see wordplay, oh my

  • toby snelgrove

    great work boys … totally inspiring to think outside the box … appreciate the sharing … shoot on

  • sharpienerd