Photos of Landscapes in Two Halves

Two Halves is a series of landscape photos by Jeronimo Fantini in which each square-format shot is bisected neatly through the middle by the horizon line.

Two Halves by Jeronimo Fantini (via mashKULTURE)

Image credits: Photographs by Jeronimo Fantini and used with permission

  • AEB

    Nice enough, but Eric Fredine has been making photographs like this prior to this series. Check them out here:

  • Joel Rodriguez Ramos

    Rule of thirds? Never heard of it! Hazzah

  • Chris Newhall

    I’m sure he wasn’t the first either.

  • Minan

    Fantini’s are better (imo) it’s the bridge between a concept and a body of work. I’ve seen many photographers use a similar concept, but again, good art isn’t about who came first, if it was, every photo taken would be undermined by the first ever camera.

  • Michael Choi


  • Dean W. Thompson

    I love this style. I have shot stuff in the same style. Super minimal cut in halves with just one point of intrest in the center.

  • Sammo80

     Using your brain? New to you? Why favoring one part of the image when you can divide it 50/50?

  • Ricky

    I’ll take symmetry over the rule of thirds any day. 

  • Steven Alan Worster

     Once you learn the rules you can break them.

  • Bua

    Good idea to make a boring picture into a little more interesting. But then, if one of us mere mortals did this, people would say “Bah”. This sort of thing is cool when the masters do it.

  • Guest

     sarcasm, never heard of it? must be new to the interwebs. derp!

  • Stephan Zielinski

    Dang.  That’s harder to pull off than it looks.

  • WetcoastBob

    Perfect formula for a boring image!!  Totally removes any sense of depth.

  • rtfe

    yea, that whole golden ratio thingy is of no concern

  • Guest

    I kinda like it. Wanna try it sometimes.

  • Suzyhalpin

    There is a timeless draw to the water and it’s emotional inspiration!–Gallery.html

  • MikeC366

    If done properly, it can look good, as above. 


  • nobody

    Is this an attempt at making very boring landscape shots exciting? Because it’s not working.

  • Jake

    This is a style of photography most commonly employed by newbie wannabe photographers who are only putting the horizon in the middle because they don’t know anything about photographic technique.  If this person weren’t a “professional,” I’d assume my 9-year-old sister had made them on her camera-phone.  

    Actually, I used to do shots just like them on my old disposable cameras when I was 9.

  • Tim Parkin

    Standard contemporary art world technique.. nice shots though

  • Philip Han


    This is almost blasphemous.