Nokia Already Putting Scalado Acquisition to Work in Camera Extras App

It looks like Nokia wasted no time putting the folks at Scalado to work for them. As we reported a week ago, Nokia is acquiring Scalado’s developers, technologies and IP portfolio, and we’re already seeing Scalado’s well-known “rewind” technology make its way into Nokia’s new Camera Extras app.

Besides allowing you to rewind faces for group shots, the Camera Extras app also offers burst shooting, advanced panorama, timers and more. The app, which will remain a Nokia exclusive, launches in the US and China tomorrow. So if you’ve got a Lumia phone and you wanna take advantage of some cool new features, head over to the Windows Phone Marketplace tomorrow, or check out Nokia Conversations for more details.

(via The Verge)

  • Archana Jain

    when will it release for the rest of the world ?

  • Ke Mc

     Get a visa come to the US download it then go back..

  • Ralph Acosta

    No update yet for me, WIndows 7.5 phone, went to zune to check for updates but it said no available updates yet ew.

  • Andy Quek

    It is linked to where (which country) you register your Live ID. So even if we were to buy a ticket and fly over to USA, we will still not be able to download the app…