Awesome “World’s Tiniest Police Chase” Video Shot and Projected Without any CGI

Made by directing duo The Theory as a personal project, this video is one of the cooler, more creative uses of video and pocket projector technology we’ve seen. Titled “Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase,” the entire thing was filmed on a Canon 5d MkII and an HD MiniCam, and then projected onto the various surfaces you see using the world’s tiniest projectors from MicroVision. But the coolest part? The video was 100% projected and filmed with no CGI to speak of.

Speed of Light / aka / The World’s Tiniest Police Chase (via John Nack on Adobe)

  • Peter Neill

    Truly inspired concept and execution. 

  • Ranger 9

    Yeah, nice ad, Microvision! And way to get blogs to spam it out for ya!

  • John R


  • Satya Prakash

    Good one. funny.

  • Joey Duncan

    So, a company puts there name on something and all of a sudden it’s bad an evil? What only “indy” stuff can be promoted?

  • Joey Duncan

    This was pretty awesome, can you imagine having this as a kid! It would have been AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I look forward to see a video where there are not cut scenes of the product!

  • HeathHenry

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  • John Milleker


  • Tom @ The Theory

    Hi – I made this film and it wasn’t an ad for Microvision – we just had the idea and used their projectors. Wish we’d got paid for it though :)