A Behind The Scenes Look At The First Ever Film Shot at 35,000 Feet

About a month ago we featured a teaser for Departure Date, a Virgin Produced romantic comedy that holds the title of first ever film to be shot at 35,000 feet. And now, Virgin have released a full trailer, plus a great behind the scenes look at this ground-breaking (or maybe air-breaking?) film.

If the teaser had you pondering what it takes to shoot a movie almost entirely inside of a flying airplane, the behind the scenes portion of the above video sheds some light on the challenges, both expected and unexpected, and how they were overcome.

The 1-hour short film, made from 20 total hours of footage, debuted last Monday at the LA Film Fest. And even though you won’t be seeing it at any of your local theaters any time soon, there are reports that Virgin may be negotiating a TV-deal.

(via Doobybrain)

  • Ranger 9

    So this whole film is just spam for Virgin Airlines? I wonder: Did all their equipment have to fit into the overhead bins or stow securely under the seats? Were they charged a rebooking fee for last-minute production changes? Did they have to wait until preferred customers had boarded first?

  • chris steel

    I don’t understand why it had to be shot in a live plane… why not on a set like every other plane scene in a film? 

  • rtfe

    i think you missed the concept of the gimmick

  • Alan Dove

    No, not ground-breaking, but perhaps wind-breaking. 

  • Mr.New

    I understand using a real plane cabin for the shots for authencity, but what a waste of fuel, not to mention unnecessary carbon emission, to have the plane actually flown for the shoot. Maybe someone can explain why it is necessary to shoot while airborne (other than just a gimmick for advertisement.)

  • Mary Smith

    This movie looks BORING as hell.

  • Aus_Guy

    Watch it before you hate on it yeah? Don’t be so negative and presumptuous. Geez. 

  • HeathHenry

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  • Starnerd67

    I just really want all the ads for the movie to stop. 

    its pretty annoying.