Portraits of People with Their Pictures Projected Onto Themselves

Blind Spot is a new photo project by photographer John Clang in which he had people pose for portraits with their eyes closed while a previously captured portrait was projected onto their faces. The resulting images fall somewhere in the uncanny valley.

Blind Spot by John Clang (via Lost In E Minor)

Image credits: Photographs by John Clang

  • Matthew Neumann

    What’s the point of this.  Doesn’t even look remotely good, nor is it interesting.

  • Jamie Weir

    So what did you do today, Matthew?

  • John Pelan


  • Lagook

     he made a good comment on petapixel today

  • auto

    lol genius.

  • Damianmonsivais

     Been seeing a lot of these lately on petapixel and I am not impressed

  • MikeAlgar42

    His argument is flawed. It is interesting, and it looks so. It’s an idea I’ve wanted to do with masks, but never had a projector.

  • Justin Time

     I thought the same thing about your Facebook profile photo. Meh.

  • Dubi Kaufmann

    It would be interesting if the projected image was a negative and the result a grey image with this line where the the two images differ.

  • erki

    A lot of gimmickry goin’ on these days……what has happened to creativity and building talent?

  • rtfe

    all the unoriginal crap that is being shot, nature, street, portrait, and so forth just looks all the same. lame sunsets, boring buildings, people walking with umbrellas, fascinating brick walls/railroad tracks, and more models looking like models is gimmicked out. gimmicks go all the way around

  • Lawrence DeVore

    Great idea, but the result is unimpressive.

  • MrRocking

    Fair do’s to the fella for having a play, after all isn’t that what art / science is about?

    Tried this on a music video last year. It was unsettling to watch in motion and we ditched it on the day. With the right song (something more leftfield) it could have worked.

  • David Nemcsik
  • David Nemcsik

    I’ve done that 4 month ago for my exam at uni…

  • Matthew Neumann

    At least I didn’t hide behind the anonymity of an unlinked name that isn’t even your own. Pussy.

  • Fennec Besixdouze

    Looks just like video game characters.

  • ajfudge