Happy Moments Caught on Security Cameras Around the World

Security camera clips that make the news usually show bad things, but Coke decided to “look at the world a little differently” in this heartwarming viral video. They found security camera footage from around the world showing happy moments: people stealing kisses instead of possessions, dealing potato chips instead of drugs, and offering car assistance rather than road rage.

  • Leandro

    The video of the guy pushing the van before the train arrives is real. He was called “the hero of Tigre”.

  • Uptown

    oh yeah, if it appears on television is definitely real…

  • buzzlatte3

    Yeah, like the ones that scream racism even when it’s not or use it to deflect from the truth.

  • buzzlatte3

    Why, if Michelle or Bloomberg have their way, you won’t be drinking it.

  • Sam

    If you can do it like that, then would you please?

  • Good Samaritan

    I agree with Guest above. The guy in the video is definitely an artist not a criminal; he is choosing to express an issue that is obviously very important to him, if you see this is as a crime then I feel sorry for you as you are obviously missing the point.
    FYI do a search on street graffiti in Brighton, some people clearly think this art does make walls “a whole lot cooler”. In fact it makes for the culture of the town. As for my car, I’m sure Banksy could improve it.

  • Kendall

    Why is everyone talking about the stupid graffiti did you even watch the video? Because the fact that you got those comments from this amazing video is sad…

  • Guest

    Actually, no they can’t for the most part, Obviously every country and even city’s laws will vary, but these cameras are all filming public places where you really have no rights with regards to having your picture published even if you are identifiable in them. To determine public versus private public is defined as a space where an individual can expect no privacy. I’m not a law student or professor, but that is the basic understanding I have of that within the world of communications, which I did study.

  • Janelle Carron

    A lot of “bah humbugs” . Lighten up!

  • jelly andrews

    video is really great. This is very inspiring. I agree. This is really a
    heart-warming video.