What The Photo: A Guessing Game App For Photogs and Their Friends

Most everybody’s heard of “Draw Something,” the app where you are given a word and you have to draw something that will get the person on the other end to guess that word. But we’re photographers and photo enthusiasts! We don’t draw, we capture moments! Well, now we’re also in luck, because app developer Rumpus has just announced a guessing game for the photographically inclined (or just about anyone who likes snapping and sharing pictures) called What The Photo.

The idea is simple. Set up a friends list on the app and challenge as many of those friends as you’d like to a game. You then take turns taking photos and guessing the subject of photos others have taken as the tiles covering them up slowly fall away. The faster you guess what it is, the more coins you earn.

As with most apps like this there is both a paid and free version (ad-free and ad-laten, respectively), both of which require you to have a Facebook account to sign up. But if you have a Facebook and you wanna give it a shot, head over to the iTunes store and grab yourself a copy of either the free or paid ($1.99) version. Just be forewarned — this one’s addicting.

  • Franklininmycum

    I was excited about app until I found out I needed a Facebook account to play.

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  • chuntianwen

  • henfana

  • Rumpusinc

    We will be releasing a new version of the game later this week that will allow you to sign in without using a Facebook account. Look out for it! 

  • Rumpusinc

    Lookout for a new version of the game that lets you sign in without using Facebook!