How to Crush the Composition

Here’s a talk Photoshop guru Scott Kelby gave at the recent Google+ Photography Conference on how to “crush the composition”. It’s a talk that goes beyond the basics of rules of thirds, leading lines, and repeating patterns.

  • Osh

    good. not like an eyeopener, but picked up few things I should work on and, maaan, thisis my first hour long youtube video I spent without pausing or going somewhere.

  • Adriana Glackin

    Enjoyed this video, all of it common sense – but it helps sometimes, to have it pointed out to you.

  • Mik

    Really nice talk, a lot of helpful tips and finally something different from the usual “rule of thirds, leading lines…”.

    One note. I have to say that in the end I liked Brad (the assistant) photos more than the model ones. I mean! They were so much more spontaneous and full of life, instead of that fake smile!

  • chuntianwen

  • Ralph Hightower


    What Would Ansel Adams Do?

    How would Ansel adapt to the digital world?

  • henfana