Canon T4i Pictures, Specs, and Touch Screen Examples Leaked

Just one short day away from the official release, massive leaks have sprung regarding Canon’s new Rebel T4i. Courtesy of Canon Rumors, we now have a full list of specs for the T4i/650D. As previously rumored, the camera will indeed sport an 18-megapixel APS-C sensor, articulating touchscreen LCD, 9 cross-type AF points and a better “hybrid” AF system for live view and video recording. But the specs we hadn’t yet heard of include: ~5fps continuous shooting, ISO 100-12,800 (expandable to 25,600), and the same viewfinder and metering system found in the previous Rebel T3i.

A lot of the fuss surrounding the camera, however, has to do with its touchscreen functionality. Everything on the menu is adjustable via touch, while playback features have been enhanced significantly by integrating touch screen gestures (i.e. swiping and pinching). Even the auto focus area is selectable via touch. Click here to check out a couple of video examples of the technology in use.

A full, extremely detailed, press-release-like list of specs is available over on Canon Rumors if you’re into that sort of thing.

(via Canon Rumors)

  • addorange

    The touchscreen seems to be pretty responsive, much more than I was expecting. But there is still a huge input lag on the pinch-zoom gesture.

  • mark tecson

    wonder how accurate the touch focus will be.

  • Darren Ward

    seems to much hassle dude!!!

  • pandemon

    Just build Instagram into it and save some hipster time.

  • iLanDell®

    definitely an upgrade due to its 5 fps continuos shooting!!!

  • Mathieu Sagnet

    Still it’s not a GH2 

  • Chris Baker

    It’s not 24 megapixel like the Nikon D3200, so they are banking on the touch screen being awesome? I think this is gonna go over like a crap in the middle of the room to people who might have thought about switching, but Canon enthusiasts are kind of like Apple enthusiasts… it will be the second coming because it’s a Canon.

  • SeriousCanons

    Since Canon doesn’t build the GH2, it never will be. 

  • Wallpaper

    I don’t know about you, but I’d be glad it isnt a GH2. Enjoy that small sensor; I’ll keep my APS-C.

  • Mike Fulton

    And you know this because you’ve used a camera that hasn’t even been officially announced yet?

  • Bif

    I have both a 60D and a pair of GH2’s.  The sensor on the GH2 is a bit (but not that much) smaller than APS-C.  Either does the job for me, but the GH2 is noticeably less susceptible to aliasing and moire.

  • Bif

    If the touchscreen implementation comes anywhere near the way it works on the GH2, it will go over very well, not as you describe.  I’ve stuck with Canon since the first EOS 650 hit the market but recently began a changeover to Panasonic GH2 mostly due to it’s motion picture features. 

    I don’t know if the T4i will be enough to bring me back to Canon (I do have a 60D and some decent Canon primes for video work) or not but I’ll remain open minded.

  • addorange

    Well if you read the article, you would have seen a link to the videos. I think the input lag is pretty obvious from the video. Then again, I was just giving my impressions as a reaction to the article and video and never implied anywhere that I have used that camera…

  • gadget

    I carry a 7D and a Lumix. I like to shoot with both. I carry the Lumix when I don’t want the weight on long treks.  The T4i is probably a step up from the T3i. But it’s no 7D with 8fps and 19 focus points. It should however be a great enthusiast’s camera.

  • Bobgulfs

    I bought the t3i a couple of weeks ago and couldnt be happier. Although I am a novice,I found it very easy to get through the 800,000+ settings!

  • Gabriel M. Ortega

    What is that thing in front of the flash hotshoe? Did they stick the mics up there?

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  • Happy_Tinfoil_Cat

    The autofocus during video recording is the main differentiator. 


    I just got a 7D. Should I return the 7D and get the T4i? Which is better overall

  • lotsa

    haha real funny, well hope your joking anyway