Banksy Graffiti Art Recreated in Photos

©Nick Stern

You Are Not Banksy is a project by Los Angeles-based photographer Nick Stern in which he recreates popular Banksy graffiti artworks through photography.

©Nick Stern

©Nick Stern

©Nick Stern

©Nick Stern

Check out Stern’s website for the rest of the series and the graffiti that the images were based on. He’s also selling a limited edition set of prints.

You Are Not Banksy (via Laughing Squid)

Image credits: Photographs by Nick Stern and used with permission

  • Spider- Man

    The maid one is the best!

  • Zak Henry

    The bottom one doesn’t really work because it is supposed to be the Mona Lisa with the RPG and no-one quite looks like the painting. Recommended you view on the original site because it does a side by side comparison

  • The Judge

    Not really into taking someone else’s idea in order to sell limited edition prints. 1/10

  • ZD

    I think he could have done much better.  The poses that Banksy creates in his graffiti are more dynamic.  For example the man throwing the bouquet, the graffiti looks like he’s actually about to throw it but in the photograph he looks like he’s just posing.  

  • Tasha Borden

    when i looked at the side by side comparisons ….ya these photo re-creations totally dont work…at least for me…they dont have the same impact or message because they are not the same image like the cave man carrying the fast food you cant just replace it with a naked man its not the same message as a neandrathal man…i think its just a rip, honestly.

  • The Judge

     Agreed. People forget that much of Banksy’s work is either satire, social commentary or plain old hooliganism. These photos lose any message the originals conveyed.

  • Dave

    Banksy must be thrilled…….

  • Eric Devir

    What is the point of this series?  The images arent original, the vision does not belong to the photographer, they offer no additional commentary or understanding of the source material.  If I wanted to look at technically flat Banksy images, i would look at Banksy’s intentionally flat images.

    This is just plagiarism.  Peta, how about featuring more artists with original ideas?

  • VincentFrank67

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  • Dave

     I was hoping someone would say this. The only problem with asking Petapixel to post more original ideas is then we are going to be inundated with more of those signature Petapixel post along the lines of:’Photographs of deep fried gadgets’ or ‘Fashion photos with face pressed against glass’

  • Ll Ricardo

    not cool!

    “art” portraying “art” is just crap!

  • dustin

    and then to sell them for a grand, hahaha