Startling Portrait Offers Visual Proof that Sunlight Causes Premature Aging

If you’ve never been a fan of using sunblock, here’s a photograph that might change your feelings toward it. Shot by doctors Jennifer Gordon and Joaquin Brieva of Northwestern University and published by the New England Journal of Medicine, the photo shows a 69-year-old truck driver who exhibits a strong case of photoaging. In the 28 years he spent driving trucks, the man’s face received far more sunlight on the left side with the sun streaming in through the driver’s side window.

(via NEJM via Business Insider)

Image credit: Photograph by Jennifer Gordon/Joaquin Brieva/NEJM

  • Wonder

    Truck Drivers: Start driving at night and sleeping during the day! 

  • guest

    That’s not proof; it’s anecdotal evidence.

  • Bret Linford

    Which is worse: skin diseases or Vitamin D deficiency? Hmm.

  • guest

    I hate the sun, sadly we get over 320 sunny days per year here in the Algarve, Portugal

  • Flgraphics

    did he always drive the same direction?

  • Valerie James

    There’s many other sources of vitamin D.

  • Oso

    anecdotal evidence is often far more compelling and accessible than proof. Proof may offer only a specific and we rarely live in those specifics as well as myriad genetic variables skew the applicability of any proof. 

  • Dov Hechtman

    Dumb comment think left side drivers side always more light coming in that window

  • guest

    So what do people with oily skin use during sunny days ?

  • Knur

     skin diseases = depression , vitamin d deficiency = depression   

  • Ke25_1973

    I’d say the fact that sun does damage to skin is pretty well established overall even if some details remain unclear. However, this photo and the explanation looks a bit sketchy to me. Just saying.

  • Leanneserrato

    I would say just keep going to the tanning beds and laying out in the sun people then you can do your own experiment on your own self (unless of course you get melanoma and die then it won’t matter anymore).

  • Delores R. Batz

    or whatever happens when you a website/app goes under...CNNMoney7.notlong.Com

  • Jake

    I don’t think it’s an either/or issue…

  • Daniel Capka

    Go for it if you want to look like an old catchers mitt in your 40’s.

  • Eziztm

     move to Bergen Norway, it’s raining 300 days a year … I’m sure you’ll be happy! :D

  • Eziztm

     move to Bergen Norway, it’s raining 300 days a year … I’m sure you’ll be happy! :D

  • GregMcMahan

     Good point. This photo and the circumstances of his sun exposure indicates further research is needed. It is not conclusive proof.

  • Phyllistine

     Not literally more light in the left window, but that’s the window the left side of the driver’s face is always next to (in vehicles with left-hand drive). More direct exposure = more sun, no matter which side of the vehicle the sun is on throughout the day.

  • ZamoraBeverly26

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  • Cathrinebalck

    only retards hate the sun

  • Amazingstarkinzki

    it’s no debate that the waitresses’ skin in navada looked so leathered and aged. Stay in the shade if you can!

  • Guest

    You haven’t come to the equator..

  • Guest

    Smart comment.

  • Bright Martha


  • Toto

    Photoshop does wonders